DIY candle light holders

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. 
Chinese Proverb

Happy start of the week flowers! The theme of light stays with me for a while. The days are getting darker - and little flames have such a nice way to not only light a room, but also warm the heart. Just in time i noticed, in India, people now celebrate the festival of light, called Diwali. This seems such a joyful and happy tradition to me. To read more about it, visit my lovely blogfriend Arti.

On the pictures, you see some candle light holders i created as a DIY  for the winter issue of KidsLife, which is almost ready now. They are fun and easy to make - you need:
Simple glasses
Semi-transparent paper, red paper
pretty ribbon, golden sequins

Cut the transparent paper and your ribbon to fit around the glass and fix the ends with glue. Cut a little heart fron the red paper and glue it in the middle. And as the cats meow, add a golden sequin to the middle of the heart - it makes love shine! Put a candle-light in and enjoy the lovely glow!

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. This is wonderful. I do love candles and your right, it does warm the heart in these dark, cold days!! I think I will make some...have a wonderful week doll xox

  2. I always like to light candles in this dark part of the year!
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  3. They look very nice. Have a great evening.


  4. oh Martina, hi!

    You are doing a DIY? That is ambitious of you. I am not crafty. Crafts are so great when others do it. Similar to my attitude in cooking, too. (notice: I don't have any posts regarding food or crafts) I admire you! I always have.

    love, :D

  5. Owwww so from

  6. Martina, sweet friend....I am slowly catching up with dear blog I have missed coming to your beautiful place of love, beauty and inspiration!
    I have been reading some of your past posts...and oh my goodness...I am SO sorry about your precious kitty. I know how much that hurts...
    What a precious one....another dear bloggie friend in Australia just lost her dog, and I feel for both of you...
    Wishing you healing and light, dearest Martina..
    Tight hugs,
    - Irina

  7. I think I should do this! I saw some with twigs around them that was cute.
    Yours are nice :)

  8. Hi Martina,

    The candles are so pretty and love the little heart and a fun project.
    Happy week


  9. Such a wonderful way to make a lantern!! And you always make the process look so simple and the end product so beautiful. Wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali Martina :)

  10. Oh my dear one, this is so great. What I enjoy doing is putting out paper bags with little battery candles (to avoid any fires!) and to place them along the walk way in the snow!!!! HOW GORGEOUS IS THAT???????

    Are you enjoying your week so far? I AM. Many hugs to you dear Martina! Anita

  11. So simple but so beautiful.
    Have a lovely and bright week.


  12. A great idea, they look lovely!
    Jess x

  13. MARTINA! OH dearest heart, your grieving period will take time....I cannot imagine the bittersweetness you have to experience to remember your little companion. I can't do it. I just cannot have a pet because I know how I would feel when that time comes to say goodbye.

    MANY WARM HUGS to you across the many cold miles. Anita


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