Happy Inspiration for your home

The light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there.  
Ellie Rodriguez

... and the atmosphere of cheerfulness and good energy to restore your spirits. In my opinion, colors have such an effect on how you feel at home. That doesn't mean, all the walls have to be painted in vibrant hues though. Just a colorful painting or rug in an all white environment can have such a refreshing effect.
All the pix here are styled with accessories by the danish label RICE, and i adore the daring but harmonious color combinations.

My own home seams rather sad now, without my little friend, whom i see at every corner. So i seek to slowly restore my heart and energy by turning my mind to things, that brighten up my feelings. 

Photos: Rice


  1. Verry colorful !!...i love it...xxx...

  2. Dearest, bright soul ~

    These are lovely colors to help us all get back on track from the shocks that life sometimes gives us. I just came from a blog where the dear blogger friend lost her little terrier who got out, got hit by a truck but did not survive. I HUG YOU TIGHTLY MY DEAR!! Anita

  3. Oh Yes!!! Color can brighten things up and give a little lift. It must not be the same without your little friend. Hugs....Heidi

    p.s. thanks so much for stopping by and reading my long blog post. :)

  4. I know how you feel Martina, we lost our cat this year as well, he was over 20 years old and I found comfort in knowing, that he knew he was loved. The heart takes time to heal, sending all my thoughts to you and your family.

  5. Colors do add so much cheer but yes, the pain and the vacuum created by the loss of a loved one does take it's own time to heal. Take care, Martina. Hugs.

  6. Yahoooo for beautiful colour! I completely forgot about RICE! Must go over and take a peek....sending you love dear one as you miss your sweet friend. xox


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