Painterly fashion

"The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it."
Diana Vreeland

Happy weekend lovelies! A grey ad rainy one here - just the days to indulge in a little extra luxury. Some pix from a beautiful editorial in the fall issue of Lula Magazine, by talented photographer Glynis Selina Arban, styled by Soraya Dayani. In my opinion, it's the styling that makes these photos outstanding. The combination of scrumptious fashion, interesting textures and beautifully painted backgrounds is just so inspiring - and gives me ideas to paint. Have a cozy and extra-swee time, see you soon!


  1. GOOD MORNING MY DEAR! THese photos do have a quality about them that renders them an OIL MASTERPIECE! How brilliant is that to combine what seems like an oil or acrylic painting with a photo!

    It is gray here today, but forever SPRING in my heart. LOVE TO YOU MARTINA! Anita

  2. Elegance begins in the mind indeed. Adore this quote and the pretty images. Have a sweet weekend;)

  3. very pretty! i can see how you have been inspired-the colors are great too :)
    happy weekend!

  4. Happy weekend my from me...enjoy have fun !!

  5. Lovely pictures and so very elegant indeed! I am happy to see you inspired Martina, cant wait to see your paintings now! Get down to work soon :)

  6. Good afternoon my dear friend! YES, the senses are the gift to us to take in ALL WE CAN of the goodness in the world. We also have to take in the not so good, but we can counteract the effects, I BELIEVE. Heal my dear, from stress or well, enjoy the weekend, and know you are SPECIAL!!! Anita

  7. Hi Martina! Such lovely works of art. I'm sure you are pleased. I would be. Take care and Man! I can't believe it has been so long since I have seen you. I miss you.

    1. Beautiful!!! I do see some inspired paintings in your future. Hope you are having a good weekend, Martina!

  8. These images are stunning! I really wish I had one of these paintings...thanks for sharing I adore LuLa magazine but so very hard to get here in Canada. Hugs and love to you


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