Coffee break!

Come lovelies, take a break ... 
and have an espresso with me in the colorful mess of my studio! Nothing revives us better sometimes, than some caffeine - mixed with sweetness (yes, those papers underneath the cup are from all the italian cookies i've eaten ;)), And a good dose of vibrant colors!

I'm still trying to find my energy again. It does come back, but slower than i want to. It snows here now, and is very cold. I make plans, shape ideas and try to get a new project on it's way - more about it soon! 

Have a fabulous start to your week - 
and don't forget to 
be bold, be fearless and shine! 

 Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Hi Martina
    Lovely rich colorful images. Snow can be quite depressing but I am sure you will soon find your energy levels rapidly rising.
    Warm Regards Ram

  2. Gorgeous paintings Martina and such sumptuous colours! A lovely warming post to start the week, it's quite cold here!xx

  3. our snow has just melted away ~
    hope you have a super week :)

  4. I am here my dear, I am here to STAY! I good stiff cup of expresso will do the trick! But your company and in the company of COLOR, I know I can be assured a smile on this cold, January day!

    Sending you wishes for a good day ahead! Anita

  5. Beautiful photos...I hope find your energy...this time of year, these thigs happen. No snow here yet, but it is cold. Though today, the sun shines, I hope some comes to you. Have a wonderful week ahead :) xx

  6. Love to drink a cup of coffee with it is also very cold.....lovely week from

  7. I feel like drinking capuccino:)

  8. Thanks for the break! Your art is lovely.

    Nike O.

  9. Hi Martina,

    Lovely to come and take a coffee break with you - I love all the bright colours in your pictures.
    Happy new week


  11. realy great colors and i like to drink coffe with you.
    greetings from ann

  12. Happy new year friend! I hope you had a wonderful break.
    These photos are delightful. Coffee breaks are needed in many moments of my life..big and small;) Have a great week!

  13. Oh yes!!! Coffee (caffeine) tends to give me a boost too. Lately I haven't been drinking as much of it though, so I feel the lack of it. Those papers are so pretty...and I bet the cookies were tasty as well.

    I hope you get your energy back soon. Happy New Year to you my friend.

  14. Lovely paintings my dear!!! As I sit here this morning, still dark outside, I am sipping my chocolate-laced coffee with a fur over my pajama-clad shoulders....

    Have a blessed week,

  15. Sweet Martina, I'd have a capuccino, please :) and I'm loving your colorful mess too! I'm sure you'll get your energy back soon, sometimes just take a little while to recoup (: {Particularly after the holiday break season}

    Sending you BIG HUGS!!!

  16. I am here to give you company! Love the colorful mess of your studios, there is so much of beautiful art in there! Stay warm Martina and wish you a wonderfully creative day at work! :)

  17. What beautiful colours...hope your energy will make an appearance soon .....sunshine will help for sure. xoxox hugs.

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