Have a sweet weekend!

Some happy colors to brighten up winter - in case you live in one of these icy regions (like me!). where the snow queen has us dancing faster and sleep longer and dream about spring!
January always seems like a white page to me. Somewhat bland and boring, after the christmas fairy has gone home and all the cookies are eaten. But also packed with promise, for an exiting new time that is just about to enfold.
Have you thought about what you'd like to achieve, or who you'd like to be in 2013?
Whatever it is - i wish you lots of success beyond your wildest dreams. Am so happy to be in touch with YOU and be a part of your journey.  
Have a very happy weekend and see you soon!

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. OH MY FRIEND MARTINA! HOW LOVELY IS THIS! I just came to my blog and there you were. THANK YOU for coming again to visit. It means so much to me! I feel so happy today...sometimes a rush of joy just hits for no reason at all, but these colors you share add to the joy....THANK YOU!

    I too will be hanging out here at home, with a good book, drawing, at the computer, so let's chat my dearest! Back tomorrow! Anita

  2. Have a wonderful weekend doll...I know the cold is horrible, but it will be spring before we know it, just hang on :)) I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with love and warmth!! Have a great time xx

  3. Great colors !!...happy weekend darling......love you...xxx....

  4. Hi Martina,

    Love all the beautiful bright colours you have shared today.
    remember eating gobstoppers like that and my mouth was not big enough!
    Happy weekend

  5. Oh they are bright and pretty even though I don't have snow!! It was sunny and cool here today.
    Yes...a few ideas emerging for the year which is exciting!
    Some camera stuff to learn!

  6. How beautiful and inspirational, dear Martina! I feel happy and blessed to have YOUR company as well! Wish you a wonderfully colorful and joyous year ahead! Stay warm and God bless :)

  7. Have a good one, too.
    Such happy colours to gladden our eyes! X

  8. Always JOYFUL to visit all the COLOR here Martina!
    It is a morning of brrrrrrrr here today, with fog in the distance and the glimpse of blue sky above.

    I appreciate your visit and seeing your smiling face : )

    ~ Violet

  9. Hi Martina..beautiful..so many joyful color vibrations...totally magical and radiant..very energy-enhancing!Thanks for all the beauty you share and inspire!

  10. And the same beautiful wishes to you, dear Martina! You certainly make life more beautiful and exciting, dear friend!
    I hope you are feeling well...we are in Snow Queen country as well...minus 20 Celsius for us today...
    I am loving these happy and delightful colors of your photos...juicy and delicious...
    Many blessings and hugs,
    - Irina

  11. Good morning most precious Martina!!!!!

    Today and for the next three days, we are going to have some of the coldest weather of the season: below 0 Farenheit! We are used to that here, but after having some "warm" days lately (30-35 degrees F), we best get ourselves prepared!!!

    Thank you so much for coming to see the precious little animals of the kingdom. LOVE! Anita

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