Easy peppermint marshmallows

One can never have too much LOVE ...

and just in case you need some remedy for winter blues, i found some: Easy homemade marshmallows  from wonderful Liz, author of  Say Yes to Hoboken, a great crafty blog i recently discovered. Wouldn't these make a perfect treat for Valentines? Or, any other day between here and then, that needs a little extra attention and sweetness? Love the pink whirl and love mint - and i hope you do too! Check out the full DIY here.


  1. yes they would!thanks for sharing i'll check it out.have a super day martina :)

  2. hi Martina! Oh tremendous IDEA! I am bookmarking this post right now. My granddaughters would love this!!!!!!

  3. Loooove it !!!!..........happy week.....xxxx

  4. We were both thinking pink hearts today : )

    Such a happy color!

    ~ Violet

  5. Hi Martina,

    Yummy! ... and the perfect treat for Valentines day
    thanks for sharing.

    Happy week

  6. Beautiful pinky, so full of love and sweetness! This is magically artistic!

  7. Oh, now aren't these the perfect thing for our HOT CHOCOLATE???? This is a great entry today my dear Martina! BRAVO!!!! I must pass on this link to Koralee, unless she sees it here...much love to you today! Anita

  8. These are beautiful, love that!! Would be just the thing I need to have in my cocoa on these cold days :)) I hope your week is going wonderful for you doll xx

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