Small things - great impact

Still sweater weather here in germany, long underwear and woollen scarf weather - and boy, how i long to wear something different now. Meanwhile, just to have some fun in between, i play around with layering some new blouses over old sweaters, and wearing accessoires in a new way. Like wearing a glamorous necklace over a jeans-shiirt, or piling up a stack of bracelets to a colorful piece of waerable art.

It's amazing how much inspiration there is here in blogland, when it comes to defining your style. Almost everything goes, when it's mixed in the right way. What is your favorite piece of fashion at the moment?

P.S.: I have a great giveaway coming up tomorrow. One of the accessories you see in the first image ... Just to get you in the mood ...

And by the way: My new design for the blog is slowly getting, where i want it to be. Still a few little changes to be made - it's a process. I was aiming for something more light and spacious, hope you like it!

Love for a happy day!

Photos: Pinterest


  1. loving the new design-
    and that skirt.we've got snow here again the next few days.i'm ready for spring :)

  2. MY DEAR! First of all, I am terribly late; jobs have been keeping me very busy.

    Second of all, your new blog look is PERFECT! YES, PERFECT! Doesn't it feel good to start fresh? And the golden colors with your gorgeous photo of you in your warmly lit studio speak SUNSHINE to me! LOVE IT ALL!

    So sorry to be here late; may I enter into your giveaway? Anita

  3. Your blog already looks so much more cool!! And what a beautiful quote by someone whose quotes I love reading! Have a lovely day Martina :)
    PS - Waiting for the giveaway :)

  4. I loved the new blog theme..!!

  5. ooooo...look at your fresh blog! Lookin' good!

    I am feeling Spring & Summer inspired too! I got on my summer diet & have a sundress picked out for my ten lb. reward :)

    & at 20 I was going to buy a fab bracelet! This is inspiration for me!

  6. Your blog is looking great! And ooooh, I like the fabric in that skirt... looks like one of your colorful paintings!

    Hang on..... it is almost March, which means S P R I N G even if it stays
    cold for a couple more months!!!! I am done with winter!

    Happy day to you sweet one!

  7. I can;t wait till tomorrow !!! love love you !!

  8. Your blog is looking great! Happy weekend!

  9. Love all the bright colors of these outfits. Too young for my age, but I still enjoy the creativity of them.

  10. What pretty touches of color and texture. I like it! Thank you so much for visitng me and joining Dress, I appreciate it, and will be happy to join your blog too!

  11. Thank you so much for the recent visit and kind comments. I love the skirt and turquoise bracelet in the first photo. Makes me anxious for spring!!! Going now to enter your give-away. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Hi Martina,

    Love this cute look and all the bracelets finish off the look.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend


  13. Hello dear :) thanks for visiting my blog! nice your blog and cute post ;) now follow you with pleasure :)

    Kiss Tea.

  14. bel blog... ti seguo e ti aspetto da me... intanto ti invito a leggere il mio nuovo post, aspetto un tuo parere e consigli per le prossime letture! baci

  15. Oh I love the first pair of sunglasses you posted! Adorable!!

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