Delicate Nudes

Love these subtle and elegant drawings by artist Beatrix Ost,  a woman who keeps fascinating me with her art and her style. She recommends 15 minutes of intimacy per day. 15 Minutes, she takes for sketching. I love this idea of a daily art routine, which is like practicing an instrument, keeping your fingers warm.Do you do anything like this?


  1. I don't have a regular routine but I know I should! These are lovely, quite Matisse.xx

  2. Oh, Martina! I love your new blog layout. Nice!!! This art is very well done. Thank you.

  3. These are them!! I agree with what she says too...15 minutes can mean the world of difference...I like to do this each day, helps me clear my head and focus!! Your page looks wonderful I must say. I hope you are having a wonderful day xx

  4. This is what I do aily. I take 30mins daily for sketching and other arty fancies;)

  5. Dear Martina,

    Love the style of the drawings, very talented and a great idea to put aside 15 minutes just for Art.
    Also how wonderful your new look to the blog is.

    Happy Wednesday

  6. Bonjour Martina,
    J`adore le style de ses dessin beaucoup de talent !

    Merci de votre doux commentaire chez moi!

    Bonne semaine!

    xxx Maria xxx

  7. These are beautiful. Thanks for the introduction to her work, and the 15 minute rule :-)

  8. Thank you for your comment - and follow - on my blog! Welcome to my world! :) I have always been fascinated by nudes through history, and I really like these sketches! Round shapes and lovely colors... :) xx

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