Springtime brights

Not in nature yet, but in my studio! 

 Lovely shads of soft yellow and carribean blue, along with a lot of green tea gets me going for the week. These are some paintings that are waiting to be finished an i don't know how yet.

I have an intuitive way of working on my canvases. I start with an idea, but then i allow it to alter and change in the provess - like a dialogue between me and the painting. Sometimes, this is difficult, but sometimes it brings great joy!
It snows here again, but i see snowdrops and green buds here and there.Am sending you sunshine!

Photo and painting: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Tres jolie foto !! J adore!

    Bonne semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx

  2. So gorgeous, lovely to see such happy colours. I hope your week will be a wonderful one!! xx

  3. Good morning beautiful friend! I love your creative process that you explain here....as a "dialogue" between you and the canvas. With me and my writing, it certainly is a dialogue. With my art, it is usually a FIGHT with "arguments" in my mind!!!!

    Nonetheless, all of us have different styles of not only expressing the end result, but the process. That is what makes it all so exciting, the diversity of approaches!


  4. I am familiar with this dialogue of which you speak;)

  5. I've always not known what I'm about to paint until it starts. It can then change so much it ends up going through several different paintings until I reach the end! I do envy people who draw the whole thing out and then fill it in with colour but that's not my way. The little glimpse you give us of this beautiful creation is so tantalising!xx

  6. And that is how you paint such beautiful pieces, after talking with them!! Sending you sunshine from India!!
    Have a lovely day Martina :)

  7. Great spring color post !!!...lovely week love from me...xxx...

  8. I love those colors together. What a wonderful composition. Thanks for the share, it brighten my day.

  9. HELLO THERE BEAUTIFUL! So good to see you at my blog today! I will be taking just a little trip and will not be able to post from where I am going; I hope to read more and take in some beauty before I come back to actually start posting again. I have put the paper art aside because it was not selling and it is too time consuming with little to no monetary return, which unfortunately, is necessary. I am however, drawing more since cards are more practical!!!! LOVE! Anita

  10. Lovely! I can't wait to see the finished product. I love the colors you are using! xx

  11. Martina! Thank you for sending sunshine and birthday wishes! (hug)

  12. So so beautiful Martina..gorgeous color palette..and there is a wonderful energy that always translates through your pieces..inspiring..full of life and radiance!
    yes ..well said..for me it is the only way i know how to create..that natural intuitive process..is what always sparks me!
    Wishing you a fabulous week! happy creating

  13. I love how the chair in your paintinng seems to be pulled up to the table! I love these pics of yours...you know I am a geeky fan :) but I really do love all your work!

  14. Beautiful colors and I love the chair. Here in Sweden it's very cold for the moment.


  15. You always come up with such creative and colorful paintings! Oh, to be a fly on the wall watching you work...it would be FUN! Hoping that you will get some warmer weather soon. I am ready for spring!!!


  16. So very beautiful, dear Martina!
    I know what you mean about intuitive painting (although I do not posess your talent)...but it is almost always an intuitive process...
    I LOVE these happy colors!!
    Sending sunshine to you too!
    - Irina

  17. Your paintings look lovely to me, Martina! Have a great Wednesday!


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