Have i told you that ...

I guess there is some truth in this. When someone gives us a nice compliment, we instantly feel better, things look brighter. Life is more beautiful when we feel beautiful and loved. So, why be sparse with compliments and things to say and do, that make other people sparkle?

When i saw a recent post of Anna from IHOD, i thought, it's a fantastic idea to make this March the month to encourage beauty. By making someone feel good about themselves every day. And also telling ourselves, how awesome we are ;) March is a month or renewal, beginnings and changes - let's make use of that energy!

I designed the image above as a little freebee for you. You can download it and send it to your friends, you can print it as a card or use it on your blogs. 

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  1. Martina,
    First of all, I LOVE your new header! It is beautiful! Immediately caught my eye:)
    Second, what a sweet surprise to see you share the Encourage Beauty challenge. Thank you so much for doing so.
    I am looking forward to making March a memorable one.
    Have a lovely day ahead~

  2. Hi Martina
    Yes I agree that women love to be complimented. Incidentally men too wouldn't mind being complimented occasionally :) Warm Regards Ram

  3. You look great in that photo at the top of your blog! I love to come here and see the beautiful things you show us and your gorgeous artwork.xx

  4. I never met a compliment I didn't like :) Cute pic!

  5. My-Oh-My!!!! I absolutely love the new look of your Beautiful Blog my sweet Martina! That header is just lovely and you look gorgeous on that picture with that tripod stand behind you :)
    Wonderful quote and thoughts, yes! Let's encourage beauty! Lovely designed image!!! Wishing you a pretty PRETTY day!

    BIG HUGS <3


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