Pink it up!

Some Pink living with art-inspiration to get you in the mood for spring! Adding a new color to one of your walls or a new painting can switch the whole mood of a room. I am always dreaming of having one color scheme for winter and a different one for the warmer season. Do you love to redecorate?

Pictures: 1. Kristybee 2. Lonny Magazine (Photo Patrick Cline) 3. Livingetc. 4. Luli Sanchez 5. Sigmar Polke 6. MVS-ART - See more at Poppytalk

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  1. Quelles jolie enteriers ! J`adore !! Et vos peintures aussi !!

    Bonne semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx

  2. Wow! Love the splash of pink color and the quote is just apt for the occasion! I love redecorating too, though tend to do it more with things than with colors. Your idea sounds great, will try it this way the next time.

    Have a lovely day, Martina! :)

  3. Oh Martina, you have been busy and successful at giving your blog a completely different LOOK and FEEL! I am loving it ! Your banner changed a bit and I just love how you made "Impressions" so stylish! I LOVE EVERY CHANGE! Now for this pink...oh dear. HOW WONDERFUL!!!!

    I can feel the "rejuvenation" going on in you. ENJOY MY SWEET FRIEND! Anita

  4. I really like this bits of pink you collected Martina. So feminine and sophisticated. Your blog is worth following :)

  5. Pink is my favorite !! your beautiful

  6. Such inspirational post! Great photos! Thanks for sharing! I am your new follower! Would you like to follow me back?

  7. Such a lovely pink post! I like pink and I'd like to have a pink painting in my new working room. I'd love to paint peonies, but they're quite difficult to paint, I think..

  8. Good afternoon Martina...Your blog is looking beautiful!...Such a lovely post too and I especially love the poster of Liz on the wall looks fab, doesn't it?...x
    Hope you're having a great week,
    Susan x

  9. You have such a talent for finding gorgeous images! I'm definitely going through a very pink phase at the moment, all shades of pink have been on my palette and now I'm wanting brighter and brighter! I love the new tree painting you have there. :) xx

  10. Dear Martina!

    I SO LOVE to see you come visit me. It is always a breath of fresh air! AND YOUR SON....he designed our header? Does he have a business? I would LOVE for him to make me a header! But do you just install it into Blogger? I love it.

    And thank you for coming to visit. I have so much fun making blog post with music, images and movies.!

    We are having a lot of melting snow here and I am so glad. The temperatures are getting warmer! Enjoy your work my friend. It is hard work, but I know the rewards are gorgeous. Love! Anita

  11. These are some lovely shades of pink! The other day I was thinking if I had a girl and wondering about the whole pink thing, but I think I could do this! :)

    I hope you are enjoying our soon to be spring! I am so ready for it!

  12. Oh I will so gladly PINK it UP! Love love the first image. xoxoxo Happy weekend friend.

  13. Bellísimo post Martina.
    Jamas pense que el traductor de Google me iba a ser de tanta ayuda.
    Feliz fin de semana, bss.

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