A Roman Holiday

Rome is always a good idea ... 
not just Paris ... So much to see there. Ancient buildings, marble in all colors, columns, stairs, churches, sudden darkness and bright light, gods and godesses fighting and playing in fountains and on rooftops, surrounded but undisturbed by busy modern life, by torists eating ice-cream and pizza, elegant citicens and the soundtrack of italians speeking, seagulls crying in the air, cars, tooting their horns.
 I so enjoy walking the streets of Rome, especially since i've been here a couple of times and know my way round a little now.  Some impressions from a recent trip, including a big family celebration at my brothers, lots and lots of good food, talking to friends and - taking it all in.
Have a wonderful weekend lovelies! I will just rest - and visit all of you!

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid



    Rome is ALWAYS a great idea for fun and family! Everyone is gorgeous, and YOU! You are beautiful my friend! So good to see your lovely photos, and thank you for taking us there! I have yet to see Rome or Florence, but what I have seen of Italy is stunning.

    So good to have you back "home."

    HUGS! And I hope you are having warmth and flowers? Anita

  2. Oh...It is a toss up which city I love more Rome or Paris - definitely my top two and both so different. You pictures are wonderful...Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  3. You dear and beautiful friend! Though you are so busy with your work, you always manage to visit. It was a pleasure to have you on board our party, while you were in ROME! Enjoy your time now at home, and you are so special to me my dear. LOVE! Anita

  4. Rome !!!!!...wowwww...i hope one day.....i will be their with Rein...love from me....happy weekend...xxx...

  5. looks like a fun trip!
    i've been to italy to visit family so many times and never quite gotten to rome!next time ...
    have fun :)

  6. Beautiful photographs Martina! Thank you for sharing your holiday with us...My eldest daughter has a friend who lives in Rome and she loves to visit..it's such a very special place!
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x

  7. Your photos look like they are straight out of a magazine! YOu all look like models! I poured over every little detail :) I feel like I had a little visit there myself so thank you! :)

  8. Wow, all your pictures and especially the little description give me itchy feet Martina! Happy that you had a great trip, Welcome back! :)

  9. Dear Martina,

    I am so thrilled you had such a wonderful time in Rome! Your pictures capture beautifully some very precious moments.

    Rest well,


  10. Oh you lucky girl!!!
    Awesome photos!
    So sorry you couldn't win the dress :(

  11. What beautiful photographs Martina! Lucky girl going to ROME!!!!
    ~ Violet

  12. Good morning Martina!! Oh this is such a lovely post, and again, to see your beautiful face is so enchanting. Thank you my dear, for engaging in our France party, even while you were in Rome! And we too, the month of May for us is also extremely gloomy and cold. My flowers are struggling as the night temperatures dip down, and there was even snow in the state of Vermont!!!

    May sunshine and warmth come to us and give us fun in the sun!

    Have a happy day creating FUN! Anita

  13. Sounds like a great getaway, you captured the trip really beautifully Martina! Have a nice day,xo M.

  14. Una ciudad para disfrutarla, es espectacular y en tus bellas fotografias has conseguido capturar el "espiritu" de Roma.

  15. Hello pretty Lady,
    Your pictures are just amazing.Whata wonderful place to visit.We can see Rome though your eyes and thta is wonderful.Thank you for sharing.
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  16. Am glad you had a fun time, you look wonderful!! I hope your week has been just as fine!! Xxx

  17. P.s. Your comment came through, so you know ;D

  18. Pure JOY....thank you for sharing your amazing trip...one day I shall go! xoxo

  19. I am late, but I don't like to miss your posts...so sorry! :)
    What a wonderful trip you had...you look radiant and so relaxed...beautiful!!
    Love Italy.....

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