Send some LOVE

 A little cup of Friendship
In this cup of tea,
When you sit and drink it,
Think of Love from me.

We still need lots of cups of tea here in germany to keep us warm, since it is still rainingand raining ... Today feels cozy though and my plans for the weeked are:
writing to friends
visiting some of them
 making some wine-jelly
... and if i have energy enough, getting on with my latest paintings.

What are your plans?

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  1. Those are gorgeous :) So perfect for sending too. I will have to have a look :) I hope it brightens up there soon, we've finally have some warmer weather here. I send you some sunshine & flowers. Have a great weekend xx

  2. Oh precious friend, we too are still drinking tea, but today seems to be a bit warmer and SUNNY! SO I think my plans include some photography! Loving your world, as always. Be well sweet Martina! Anita

  3. What a lovely cards Martina !!!...enjoy the love love !!!...from!!

  4. your cards are great!
    it's hot and humid here~ we have lots of school graduations and an anniversary this weekend :)
    have a good one!

  5. I still have that top one that you sent me & I have to admit...I pretend Liebe says my name :)

  6. Hey lLiebie - you know what? It does! ;))

  7. Beautiful friend! Do you know that we too have been getting so much rain? Daily we have been getting downpours and it's actually a blessing. Things are so green and lush!

    Enjoy a cozy evening doing what you love. I will be reading a lot in the next several weeks and writing, but I took some photos today of my garden and will be posting them just to let my readers know I am still alive! Hugs to my dear friend. Anita

  8. HI Martina,

    Beautiful post and sweet cards and I will think of you when I next drink my cup of tea.
    Do hope that the weather will be more summery there for you.
    Enjoy the weekend

  9. Special friend!

    Thank you for coming to visit my humble home. A beautiful house is one thing, but friends who care about you and enjoy creating together is the best gift of all. Thank you for coming. I hope you are having good weather; today was the PERFECT DAY and we were out all day long. Heaven.

    Have a super Monday! Anita

  10. Aquí en el norte de España también sigue la lluvia, llevamos meses sin ver el sol y con temperaturas de otoño, es deprimente.
    Preciosas tus tarjetas.

  11. What beautiful cards, dear Martina!
    I hope you are greeted with sunshine upon your return home...
    Sending hugs,
    - Irina

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