DIY lemon boat - i'm sailing away ...

to take a trip with little lemon boat - to see, where the lemons grow - to Italy!

And so lovelies, i'll be taking a little break from blogging until ... we all go to France together soon. More about that at the end of this post.

Have been very busy making little boat  - along with other things - for a new project of our magazine KidsLife, called "GreenKidsLife", which is meant to encourage a greener, sustainable lifestyle in kids and families. But these would also make a very cute table decoration for a kids party - or even an adult party, why not?

 I've used cocktail stickers and a bit of paper to make the sail. And that is basically all you need, except for lemons you cut in half lengthwise. Give it a try. You can also write names on the sails, if you like. 

We'll have a family celebration in Rome next week, where my brother and his family are living. and i so hope to catch some sun there! As i get back, my friend Anita, from Castles, Crowns and Cottages will be hosting this:

which will be surely great fun. Check out more by clicking on the picture 

 Let's make the most of may, such a gorgeous month! I'm in love with all the crisp, bright green around and am sending you greetings from our garden. Hope you'll all have a splendid time - see you back soon!


  1. How lovely, liebe Martina!
    Your garden is gorgeous!! We are slowly coming into some green around here...
    Have a wonderful time in Rome...and we will see you in France chez Anita's soon!
    Ciao i abbracio!
    - Irina

  2. Oh, I do hope you have a wonderful time in Rome. Nel was just telling me the other day that she wants all the family to take a trip to Rome together. I will see you at dear Anita's link party.

    Have a safe trip.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. What a sweet boat !!...oww you are going to Paris too !!...oh la la from your garden !!


    Hello there my dear! Though our weather is still not warm, we were out today and we went to the zoo, a Japanese garden and did a bit of shopping! So glad to see you came by and to hear you are GOING TO ROME? HOW wonderful this will be! Thank you for mentioning the link party and LOOK AT YOUR GARDEN! STUNNING COLORS MY FRIEND! I wish I could say the same for our garden, but we should start seeing some colors in about two weeks. I love your post on the LEMON BOAT! Aren't the lemons and melons just delicious in Italy?

    Have a safe trip my friend and see you for the France party! Anita

  5. Wow! Rome sounds so exciting! Have a lovely journey Martina and enjoy your time with your family :)
    Here the weather is very hot now and its pretty humid too. May is probably the worst time to be in India!!

  6. Wow! Rome sounds so exciting! Have a lovely journey Martina and enjoy your time with your family :)
    Here the weather is very hot now and its pretty humid too. May is probably the worst time to be in India!!

  7. sounds like so much fun! have a super trip :)

  8. Hi Martina,

    Love the cute sail boat and your lovely garden.
    Have a wonderful time in Rome with your family how lucky.
    Look forward to seeing you at the French Party


  9. Have a wonderful time my dear...enjoy yourself :))) xx

  10. What a sweet boat! I am imagining a whole table set like that! darling! It would be perfect for my boys! We are going to be on the coast over Annie's birthday this year...might need to use it then :) Thanks for the idea!!!

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  12. Enjoy your time my friend...I love your sweet boat idea. See you when you return home. xoxo

  13. Sounds like the perfect getaway - Italy!!! I love your lemon boat..can I sail along? See you soon in Paris...

  14. I like the lemon boats Martina and your garden looks amazing! I love the uncut grass with all the little flower, it is so inviting..... Have fun with your family, xo M

  15. Dear Martina,
    I know you will enjoy your trip to Rome.. How very exciting..
    I just love your little lemon boat, and your garden is beautiful!
    Safe travels,

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