New lemon painting

If life gives you lemons ...
make gin & tonic!

OR make a painting! Hubby and i start each day with a dose of lemon in our tea. And, since he always says he can't live without lemons and gets really cranky if we don't have them in the house, i thought it might be a good idea to paint him some for his birthday.  Besides that i like painting them anyway. Have combined the yellow with caribbean kind of blues, some collaged in specks of gold and added a black background for a male accent in the picture - do you like it?
In the second photo, i've put the painting in a setting from Oyoy, so you can see how big it is in reality.

Hope your week get's off to a super start. Will come round and visit you all this evening!

Painting: Martina Voigt-Schmid



    Is this YOUR bedroom? The photograph is stunningly beautiful but your painting is EXQUISITE! And your husband, when was his birthday? Mine is tomorrow!

    Your work really is fabulous. You really know how to combine colors and get a super effect. Have you been really busy my friend? Much love to you my dear. I hope to see you soon! Anita

  2. It's yellow :) It's a great colour to get you motivated. I hope you have a sweet week doll xx

  3. Oh Martina, how wonderful that you were able to dine AL FRESCO to celebrate your husband's birthday on April 15!!!! How I wish we could do that....we are getting more snow today as I go out to work!

    And I SO LOVE THESE LEMONS! The second photo as well really shows how gorgeous this painting is in the bright setting of this lovely room. Your style is just wonderful my dear - it is SO GORGEOUS! I look forward to seeing more from you! LOVE, Anita

  4. awesome! It's true haven't seen you put much painting up here in a while, but really sweet!
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  5. what a great painting~the perfect gift!
    have a super start to your week :)

  6. Das Bild ist absolut klasse und macht Sommerlaune!! Es passt perfekt an die Wand hinter dem Bett, alles sieht so frisch aus!
    Ganz liebe Grüße,

  7. I DO like it - very much! He's going to be so pleased with it!xx

  8. Love it !!..i saw it on fb this moring !!....beautiful...real summer !!

  9. Hi Martina,

    I love lemons and your gorgeous painting and it looks so great in the room.
    Hope your husband had a happy birthday and you are enjoying the week


  10. My dear and beautiful friend,

    I WILL PUT YOUR NAME AND LINK on my list right now! I am thrilled that you will participate in the Paris/FRANCE party! Love to you, and thank you so much for the email and virtual flowers!!!!!! Anita

  11. was für ein tolles Bild. Bin total begeistert.
    Alles Liebe
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  12. Do you know how much I LOVE lemons? Maximus has acquired the same taste, so I can relate to you and your hubby. That painting is so cheery... :)

  13. A delightful painting featuring lemons, my lips are puckering...
    I also enjoy lemon in my tea. Your colors are so vibrant and alive,
    what a happy (and yet m a n l y) painting!

    ~ Violet

  14. That is the juciest Lemon! It makes me want to make lemonade for sure :) SO cute Martina! I could stare at them all day!

  15. Si yo esto no lo había visto, un regalo perfecto, me encanta.

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