Magical world of ferns

Fern plants have always fascinated me, since i watched them grow as a kid in the shade of wild hazelnut bushes and willow trees along the little creek that runs through my grandmothers garden in Austria. They look old and timeless, like they've been here on this earth for millions of years, like something, that dinosaurs lived with. Yet their ornamental leaves have a very elegant quality to me too, and the way they grow and unfold, while they get bigger in spring, reminds me of underwater creatures, of sea-anemons and urchins. 

This year, i took pictures of a huge fern that grows in my own garden, using a background painted in turquoise, to bring out the shapes better. These photos inspired me to do the painting you see above. 
Little wheels turning, shining, spinning with green energy!

Happy start to your week lovelies - enjoy the bright energy of summer!
Here, in the last picture you can see where the painting has found a new home.

Photos and painting: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Wowww love that painting !!! great colors !!!...enjoy the week Ria...x !

  2. Lovely colors and shapes in your fern art Martina!
    Plants can be fascinating!!!

    ~ Violet

  3. Gorgeous painting...beautiful colours Martina!
    I love ferns too and in fact, I have a pic of ours in my new blog post which came from the garden where I grew's looking beautiful in our damp, humid weather at the moment...
    Happy Tuesday,
    Susan x

  4. Divino ese helecho Martina, adoro tus obras.

  5. Gorgeous ferns as well, they are so enchanting and always make me think of fairies and other mystical creatures. These are wonderful xx


    I was out of town for THREE DAYS with no internet access; I have missed YOU ALL but I am safely back home now, after having to drive SIX HOURS through very bad weather.

    Thank you for visiting me recently; my poetry class is MAGIC. Our teacher is so informed, published, kind, FUN, and generous in allowing us to EXPLORE and have fun. We just drove in yesterday from the neighboring state of WISCONSIN, and made it home just in time to unpack, eat then drive off to our class!

    HOW I LOVE your painting here my dear. The turquoise of course is my favorite backdrop color, and your interpretation of ferns is ethereal and delightful. Your photo is stunning and has a PINTEREST quality to it!!!!

    Our weather is finally behaving, being warm as it should be for this time of year, but we have paid a high price. Many storms whipped through here and tore down trees leaving us with no power.

    May you be well and rested and enjoy your painting my friend! Anita

  7. I never even noticed the ferns when they curl up! I have some in my garden too but never pay much attention to make me look in them in a whole new way!!!! Love that!

  8. I love to see the little coils appear in the spring, mother nature is so clever to design such delights! Your painting's captured them beautifully! Have a lovely weekend Martina.xx

  9. I love ferns, and I LOVE your painting!! The colors are just feels so alive and fresh, Martina! Perfect to feel cool in these hot Summer days...
    Enjoy, dear friend...
    - Irina

  10. Hi Martina,

    I love your painting and looks great hanging on the wall.
    Ferns are wonderful and over here we have a Ponga Fern which I saw they were serving the young shoots on the menu at a Restaurant.

    Happy week

  11. Oh how magical ferns are....we live a westcoast rain forest so we have oooodles of them around our home. Your painting is perfect...hugs to you my friend...hope your Summer is going well. xoxox

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