Summer greetings from Italy

Some impressions from a recent trip to the Italian Riviera. These pictures were taken in a little town named "Finale Ligure, that is so beautiful. It is quiet and very alive at the same time. There are chic little boutiques in ancient pallazzi, shops that sell all kinds of delicious foods and the houses are all painted in these warm, vibrant hues that i love: soft pinks, creamy yellows, light purple, reds and greens. There are big Palm trees just in front of the turquoise meditteranian ocean and beaches filled with little stones that look like gems. We managed to be there just before the big crowd of tourists arrived, and were so lucky to enjoy space and quietness between the beaches and the hills of silvery  olive trees.

I have a dear old friend visiting at the moment, and therefore spend less time on the computer right now. I hope you all have sparkling week and are making the best of summer. Will come and visit you these days!

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Gorgeous pictures, I hope you have a wonderful week with your friend doll xx

  2. great photos!thanks for the little trip :)

    have a fun week....

  3. One of my deepest dreams is to go to Italy-thanks for sharing these amazing pictures.


  4. Precious Martina,

    These colors remind me of strawberry ice cream and lemon sorbet!!!! And it is so good to know that you are enjoying yourself, and that you have taken a moment to share with US.

    Wishing you an extended vacation of rejuvenation my dear and wonderful friend. Anita

  5. Enjoy your trip Darling....what a lovely post!!!!..... Love from me....x!

  6. Such wonderful pictures, Martina! I love places that have this magic envelop them, that are laid back as well as alive, both at the same time. Wish you a lovely time with your friend, do come back soon :)

  7. Oh my friend, GLORIOUS are these photos, and soon your time here will turn into memory. But the photos you have taken are just lovely, and I too have fond moments of having visited YOU for several years now. I HEAR EUROPE IS SO HOT! We on the contrary, are having cooler weather. I send you hugs and wishes for relief on this hot day....doesn't the ocean sound good right now? Anita

  8. How wonderful! Looks just beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx -Taj

  9. It looks so lovely, I've been to Rome in the spring and that was beautiful. Summer's looking even more so from what I can see in your pictures! Have a wonderful time Martina, thanks for sharing. :)
    Jess x x

  10. My dear friend! SO good to see you as I sit here in my little studio, reading about poetry and trying to write it. It has to be the most difficult thing to do with language: PRODUCE IT or something with IT.

    Our summer day turned out to be cold. My husband and I had to get out some blankets, long pants and a mug of hot soup to sit out on our enclosed deck today! We actually felt like we were near the beach! I wonder what August will bring!

    Wishing you, with a BIG HUG, the best of summer fun as you paint and enjoy what MAKES YOU HAPPY!!!!! ANita

  11. Such lovely photos Martina....I particularly love the one with the bicycle and flowers! I hope you've had a great's so lovely to catch up with old friends...
    Happy Sunday!
    Susan x

  12. I just love these beautiful pictures of this town. I would surely love to visit there. I can just imagine the shops. The buildings are so glorious.
    I was looking at the art work below. So Beautiful. Such a talent !!! I love red...always have. When I worked...I wore red or black a lot . Thank you for giving us a piece of history in Italy.
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  13. Hi Martina,

    thanks for showing us your amazing photos from your trip to Italy.
    It really does look like a sweet town and I know I would be happy wandering around all these quaint old streets.

    Happy week

  14. Hi dear Martina, just stopping by to drop in a warm hello... and Thank you for your sweet comments, friends like you truly make this blogging world so much more beautiful. Hope you are enjoying your week and the weather is keeping you warm. Missing your posts though, hope to hear from you very soon! :)

  15. Brilliant photography!!!


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