painted fashion

When in doubt, wear red ...
Or - wear black and paint red? 

Some new picture from a sunday painting session with my art-sister Andrea König.
She's the woman, who loves to cover all her canvases in deep, bright red - a royal, impressive powerhouse of a color. 

Sometimes we do collaborative paintings - and this time i joined in by adding a mysterious, kind of seductive figure of a woman, who moves through the red, dotted with solver, as though she moves through a silver veil, while listening to her own music ...

It was fun! The painting isn't finished yet, for there will be another layer of silver dots later - i'll show you, how it proceeds.


  1. Oh, how I love these little peek into your studio, Martina! Love the idea behind the painting: the red backdrop, the silver veil, the seductive lady... this is so intriguing. Cant wait to see the finished art work, I already know it will be super though!

  2. This is marvellous doll, love the colours and scene!! I hope you have a wonderful day xx

  3. it's interesting how the final version would look like!

  4. Wonderful work lovely Martina!...It must be so much fun for you to do collaborative paintings...I do love those colours too! I'll look forward to following your progress!
    Happy Tuesday,
    Susan x

  5. GOOD MORNING MY FRIEND! I have missed you and my other blog favorites for I was gone to California for a week. I enjoyed my family so much, but it's good to be home.

    WOW. You are really surprising me so much with all of your various styles of painting my dear. It is really good, see you doing what you ENJOY and do so well. I hope that your painting is allowing you to escape or handle any stresses from work, for I know you work very hard. Bravo to you for adding color in your life, and to MINE! LOVE IT ! Anita

  6. Those paintings are so beautiful! You guys are so talented!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  7. So cool! Wow...this looks like a large scale. Can't wait to see the end result!


  8. What always amaze with with your talent! It must be amazing to have a dear friend to paint with. LOVE keeps you alive and wakes up the senses! Hope you are doing well...keeping you in my prayers my friend. xoxoxo

  9. My darling Martina! SO HAPPY TO SEE YOUR COMMENT early this morning! You came by way of your other blog, but I thought I would come here again to see this magnificent display of color and emotion that you have created. BALANCE....oh, isn't that one of the most important life-lessons we ALL must learn? I hope you are genuinely finding your peace and work TOGETHER as I know you can put them both together. But most of all, may you be enjoying a summer to remember.

    Enjoy this day, get your rest, and just know that all of your efforts and art are greatly appreciated by those to whom you reach US! Love, Anita

  10. Hi Martina,

    I enjoyed taking a peek into your studio and what wonderful paintings - love the red and look forward to seeing the finished work.
    Enjoy the new week

  11. How fantastic to collaborate on art with a friend, dear Martina!
    A powerful and modern piece....
    Wishing you a beautiful week, sweet friend...enjoy!
    - Irina

  12. I hope you had a great weekend Martina, summer is in full swing here on Vancouver Island and the weather is gorgeous. Cant wait to see this project finished, it looks fab already! xo M

  13. I think it is so cool how you two work together! I seriously just sit & smile at your work! & the post below this too! The yellow dress! just beautiful! I can't imagine how you feel when you finish a would be so hard to part with any! I imagine you just fall in love with each piece too!

  14. MARTINA!!!!!!!!!!!

    How fantastic to see your comment come in my dear friend! I am hoping that your summer is turning into one spa treatment of PEACE and relaxed days! All is well here, but today is the first day of a string of HOT and HUMID days. I'm staying in and staying still since too much activity is not good during this time.

    Isn't that silly little parakeet on the ball just hilarious? I love the unexpected.

    Wishing you a fabulous day my dear! Anita


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