The colors of happiness ...

The colors of the ocean on a sunny day are the colors of longing ...

 ... or the colors of happiness?  Of perfect summer bliss? All this green and white and blue and turquoise, speckled with gold here and there - i still see it, when i close my eyes and i hear the sounds too and i smell the warm skin with lotion on it ...
These pix were taken at the Italian Riviera some weeks earlier this year.

On saturday we're going on another trip - this time to Munich and to Austria, to see my family and celebrate my dads birthday. Hope you'll all have a very lovely time until than - i can't believe this is the last month of summer already - let's make the most of it!

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Martina, you know that BLUE is my favorite color, especially when it is in WATER. Your pictures here are delicious, and I am very happy to see that you are making yet another TRIP! Please take lots of photos to show us your AUSTRIA! Biggest hugs to you! Anita

  2. How lovely that you get to take another trip! I hope you'll have a wonderful time and a happy birthday to your dad!


  3. Looks like a wonderful time. I love blue :))) Have a fun and safe trip as well celebrating too :)) xxx

  4. How delightful to see all the sunshine blue colors splashed all around! Wish you an even more colorful trip out with your loved ones and here's sending my b'day wishes for your dad! :) Have a super week-end ahead, Martina!

  5. Summer colors....!!!!!......enjoy summer Darling...x!

  6. Oh yes dear friend, let's sing the song of the sea....TOGETHER! How I wish I could just get close to the beach this year!!!! Have a lovely time knowing we are with you in heart! Anita

  7. Hi Martina,

    Enjoyed seeing your beautiful holiday snaps of the Italian Riviera - really are colours of happiness with the turquoise sea.
    Happy birthday wishes to your Dad and enjoy the time away with your family.


  8. oh such pretty spots you have been to ...and are going to! Our daughters have travelled to each and my one daughter loved Austria...was there for 2 months!
    Have a wonderful time with your family!

  9. Ahhh......the color of happiness. Indeed.

    And the sounds of happiness, such as, "ALL IS HEALTHY. NO CANCER." Now those words are joy.

    Thank you dearest friend, Martina, for coming to visit my post. It was a scary moment in the examination room, but it sure was a time to churn the ideas for a poem! Light and dark do live together to make a more complete image.


  10. Hello Martina...wowness...yes totally blissful blues and such uplifting images..spectacular shots..very colorful!You must have had a fantastic beautiful!!
    Thanks for shining your inspiration always and beautiful adventures!
    Hope you are also enjoying your summer...
    Have an amazing rest of week friend!

  11. RAIN RAIN, GO AWAY! May the sun shine down on you my friend! We are starting a more fall feel here, can you believe that? Next week is our last free week before another week of meetings. Then school starts on Sept. 4!!!!!!! Oh Martina, it was a lovely summer my dear friend! Yes, test results are always so stressful, but I can rejoice for NOW!

    Thank you dear one for coming to visit me! Enjoy this day, Anita

  12. Loving these gorgeous pictures, dear Martina! I'm so glad you had a great vacation, and I wish you much joy on your next trip to see family....
    I am catching up with your lovely posts...
    Love and blessings,
    - Irina


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