New flower paintings

Fresh from my studio: a little series of smaller canvases with little collage elements i've been having fun with lately.In the first picture,  To give you a feeling of the size, i've put them into a pretty styled setting from Oyoy, a danish design company worth exploring!

It's quite hot here in Germany. Many people suffer from the heat. but i do enjoy the summer feeling, including fresh, sunny morning hours and warm. tender nights. I just love to run around wearing nothing but a light dress and sandals - it makes me feel more free and easy and it inspires me tp work with colors. This weekend, i have planned nothing but more painting - and visiting the local wine feast with friends and family. What are your plans?

Paintings: Martina Voigt-Schmid
Cushions:  Oyoy


  1. Your Bonnard quote is exactly how I've been thinking the last few days :) How apt! I'm not good in the heat so the painting and drawing have taken a back seat for now but that doesn't stop me from having good intentions!
    I love your new flower paintings and they look perfect in that setting.
    My plans? Meeting up with family tomorrow by the sea. Have a lovely weekend Martina.xx

  2. Good morning my dear Martina! Your fresh colors here welcome me in joy, as we are experiencing cooler temperatures than expected for this time of year! I love it, but to be honest, I wouldn't mind warmer nights! I LOVE YOUR PHOTO and your paintings have a fun and whimsical look that I enjoy so much. I must check out that Danish company, because next to French, Belgian and German décor, I LOVE the Scandinavian scene!

    Enjoy this wonderful time of the year; so good to see your new post! Anita

  3. Those are so beautiful. I love the middle one :))) Always very talented. We've had some rainy days and now it's back to being quite warm. I hope you enjoy the sunshine & have a wonderful weekend xx

  4. Oh Martina, these are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!
    Well Done!
    You are amazing : )

    ~ Violet

  5. These might be my fave ever!!!! Summer & happiness just pours out! They make me so happy! So does my little me a smile daily!

  6. Sweet friend! You came over to see the horses! THANK YOU! May peace rule your heart today, and relax with since the air is thick, drink lots of water and stay calm...sounds like a great idea! Anita

  7. Breathtaking Martina! I love this trio set very much!

    Summer is hot here too.....I am painting away in the studio AND wearing a light summer dress (but no shoes! :)

  8. Great colors!!!......great paintings!!! it !! Ria...x!

  9. I like very much your three paintings with the cushions. They go well together.

  10. They're beautiful-the colors - they seem to just glow!


  11. I always love to see the fun you are having with your paints and brushes, Martina! The paintings are gorgeous and the flower theme goes with the mood of the weather at your place right now. It's rainy here, in India, with little spells of sunshine but it's nice. Hope you had a great weekend and wish you a super week ahead!

  12. Gorgeous paintings and lovely colors! Perfect for summer days :)Nice to see you've been having fun with your work!


  13. So glad to hear you are having a blissful summer my friend! These paintings are stunning...would match my home perfectly I might say! Sending you oodles of hugs. xoxo

  14. Absolutely gorgeous, Martina!!! They remind me of childhood summer days spent in the tiny flower garden at my grandmother's....a beautiful memory....
    Wonderfully creative and joyful work!
    Pierre Bonnard is one of my favorites, and that is a fantastic quote...
    - Irina


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