Have a very ...

Dear Blogfriends,

thank you all for an incredibly inspiring year of friendship, inspiration and happy surprises!
Thank you for connecting here with me and sharing so many things. The great thing about blogging is, that it helps me being in touch with that part in myself which is happy and upbeat, even if cold winds are blowing right into my face sometimes. 

Time flew by and i can't believe that 12 months have passed, but i did find the energy to find the groove with my art again, which i'm really grateful for. The end of this year has been really intense and remains so, since, right after christmas, which we will spend in Austria with my family. we are moving house. I'm exited of course, but it will be so much work that this is my last post for this year.

I wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas and enough time to relax, enjoy yourselves and prepare 
for 2014. I've created the card above for you - you can download it and use it as an E-Card for the holiday season if you wish. See you all back soon,


Art at the Chateau Biebrich - you are welcome!

 „Elderflower Lady“,  90 x 100,  MVS

Sousaphonspieler,  100 x 140 cm, B. B. Gerlach

Schloss (Chateau) Biebrich, built between 1700 ad 1750 was the baroque residence of the princes and dukes of Nassau, along the shores of the Rhine river in Wiesbaden. It has a gorgeous Park and  today its used mainly by the government of Hessen. It is a great venue for weddings and grand receptions and also hosts a beautiful restaurant and cafe.

You are invited!

Join us at the opening of the current exhibition at Schloss Biebrich,
Saturday, 14th December 2013 at 5 pm

Paintings by

accompanied by Music from the „RHEINGAU - JAZZ - KRÄNZCHEN“.
Speaking at the reception: Frau Dr. Eva Wodarz-Eichner

We look forward to welcoming you to the exhibition with a glass of Champagne!

Restaurant Schloss Biebrich
Rheingaustraße 140
65203 Wiesbaden-Biebrich
Telefon:  0611-724 44 81

If you live by close enough to make it, 
we'll be delighted to see you lovelies!