Have a colorful start into 2014!

“Come, gentlemen, I hope we shall drink down all unkindness.” 
William Shakespeare

I know the year has already started for most of you, alas for me, i decided to get going a little later this year. I'll officially start 2014 with the Chinese New Year, since, because of our move, i'm a little late with everything.

All went well and we already feel at home in the new house, but we still don't have phone or internet access, which is why i didn't post for so long. Hmmm, a reason to soon get me that i-pad i wanted for so long ... 

But - i did think about a lot of new stuff for you guys and can't wait to start with my new motto - which will be in my new post - hopefully very soon.

I wish you all a bright and happy start into the new week. Will make my rounds to say hello to all of you and am sending you january SUNSHINE!

Photo. Martine Voigt-Schmid


  1. Wishing you a most vibrant and radiant week !

  2. MARTINA! I was just over here yesterday, looking at your older post and MISSING YOU! WELCOME BACK and I am very happy to know you are finally settled into your new home. I hope it is everything that will allow you to create a wonderful home and creative environment! I love your choice of photo today, and the colors are so vibrant. Happy new year to you! Anita

  3. Happy New Year my dear!! I hope it is a beautiful and colourful one for you!! What a gorgeous picture.I hope all of your wishes come true this year too :)) xxx


    My special friend, it is so good to see you come over! I can just imagine that you ARE filled with so many ideas, and I hope they come to fruition SOON for you! Big hugs of joy knowing you are safe and sound. Anita

  5. Nice to see you back:)
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  6. It's lovely to see you back Martina and bringing your gorgeous colour with you too! Happy new year to you!
    Jess xx

  7. Oh my have I ever missed you Martina!
    Welcome back!
    and welcome to your new home!!!! How exciting!
    ~ Violet

  8. Welcome back dear Martina....I hope you've had a wonderful start to 2014! So lovely to hear that all has gone well with the move to your new home...it must be so exciting for you!
    Love your photograph today...
    Happy New Week!
    Susan x

  9. It is a snowy day here but we are loving the fact that there is NO school today or tomorrow, and we are writing, reading, and staying close to the fire with our tea...peace and inspiration to you dear friend! Anita

  10. Hi Martina,
    I was thinking about you recently and was missing you and your posts. I was wondering about your move. That's an exhausting ordeal. Hopefully you'll be completely settled soon. Happy New Year!!! Many blessings to you...thanks is much for stopping by!


  11. Happy January to you my friend....love love your image in the right hand corner...so pretty and such a creative shot. Sending you oodles of love. oxxo

  12. Welcome back my dear Martina.....i hope you have the best year ever,,,,,,,love from me Ria...x !

  13. Wishing you a fruitful 2014 too! Happy New Year!

  14. "Voy a empezar oficialmente 2014 con el Año Nuevo chino"
    Me has hecho reir con tu frase, tu empiezalo cuando quieras, pero no quiero que falten mis mejores deseos para ti y los tuyos.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  15. Welcome back, dear Martina! I am so happy to hear your new home is treating you well already! Can't wait to see what's new in store for me in the new year here at your beautiful space and also your new motto. Please don't keep us waiting for long!

    With all hugs and lots of bright colorful sunshine,


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  17. Nice to have you back Martina, I cant wait to read about your new ideas and also your new motto. xo


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