New Motto for 2014

"Treating yourself like a precious pbject will make you strong."
Julia Cameron

Welcome to a brandnew week lovelies! I am still without internet at my home andit's a little frustrating to be slowed down - BUT - let's start out into 2014 with a bright mind and ...


Yes, that is my new motto for 2014, 
and i'll be so happy to share all the exitementt it brings with YOU

Let's bring out the best in ourselves and in each day by nourishing each other with fresh inspiration
for personal growth, and let's sparkle our light like firecrackers - or firefloes?
Explore new facettes of our personalities and dare to add some Oh la la! to everything we do.

As soon as possible i'll tell you more about a fun Sparkle! event at the atelier of my friend and fellow artist Barbara von Enger, show you a new fashion portrait and offer a special giveaway.

So, don't give up on me - and send a little prayer to the angels of telecommunication ...
and have a lovely start tothe last week of January!

Photos: 1st: Kate Spade, 2nd: Juli gaston, 3rd_ Pinterest


  1. the first picture makes me smile! I wanna be such a princess:)

  2. I am on board with you dearest Martina! I am actually writing an article for a magazine along this idea. Without that sparkle, we simply are not ALIVE - we're only breathing. HAVE FUN as you embark on a new adventure to add another great year to your life! Anita

  3. I think it's a fantastic motto, I will adopt it too :)) I hope this is a great year full of all wonderful things for you!! Have a gorgeous week xx

  4. Dearest Martina! Thank you for coming over even though you have no internet! It is very hard to keep up when this simple service is not available, but to go to that trouble to find a way to connect, that is SO KIND!

    I hope that your new home is coming along for you and that soon you will have all the necessities in place!

    Hugging you across the miles, Anita

  5. Sparkle !!!,, from me...x !

  6. Great motto Martina, you are such an inspiration! I hope your phone and internet issue are solve soon, xo M.

  7. I'll definitely join you for some sparkle lovely Martina!
    Hope you're having a good week,
    Susan x

  8. Love your motto for the year, Martina! I love the excitement that is in the air for now - inspiring us to push our envelopes and get better and beautiful with each passing day! Wish you a wonderful week ahead, and here's hoping you get some life into your computer very soon!

  9. Lovely share and I love that quote! TFS!

  10. Captivating pictures and great motto. OOH La La, sparkle,shimmer,shine and illuminate. Have a bright and colorful year. Best Wishes. Ram


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