February fashion

Hello lovelies and welcome 
to a sparkly new week! 
February, here in germany, is a carnival month, were people dress up in costumes, have parades and try to not take everything so seriously - hard for the germans ;)

It also is officially the last real month of winter, where the days start to become longer and brighter again and we all start dreaming about spring.

And - of course it's also and maybe foremost the month of LOVE and celebrating Valentines.

So, there are many good reasons to shake of winter gloom and trat yourself - maybe to a special outfit - today. Even if you don't feel like buying anything - sometimes, just combining the things you have in a new way, makes - the special LOOK

Have tried my hands on a new fashion sketch these days, featuring a playful winter look with a super-thick wool jacket, layered over a jeands jacket over a little dress with black tights.
Do you have a look, you specially like for this time of year?

As you may have noticed, i'm still very slow in blogging and commenting BUT this thursday someone promised us to come to our house and fix our phone and intrenet connection. It's been a long stretch of time now, so THANK YOU so much for sticking up with me still.

Am sending you sprinkles for todays cupcakes - and - 
will have a special Valentines giveaway for you this friday!

Drawing: Martine Voigt-Schmid


  1. hope you get your connection fixed!
    great drawing-i like the look...i've been wearing long tunics/dresses over leggings lately :)
    have a good one...

  2. Martina, this is the look, THIS IS THE LOOK I LOVE! And for us, wearing a heavy, fur coat with tights is what we are wearing these days! Your illustrating skills are just fantastic, and it wasn't until a few weeks or a month back that you started to share more of your work that I realized how not just your painting, but your illustration is SENSATIONAL! I am pinning this ! Happy day my friend! Anita

  3. nice to see you again! Hopefully these carnival days will be full of hapiness and joy for you!

  4. Mind blowing fashion sketch ! Best wishes for the week ! Regards Ram

  5. The next time I come to Europe it will be during carnival time (especially to Germany)
    That is a nice sketch.

  6. So lovely...happy Carnival, sounds fun xx

  7. Hello....how are you ????....lovely week...love Ra...x !

  8. Hi Martina,

    Enjoy Carnival time dear friend - love the illustration.
    There you will be coming into Spring where there have been signs of Autumn coming here.
    Happy week

  9. Happy Valentines Martina ❤ I like your funky outfit sketch....so stylish!

  10. Wow. Such a beautiful sketch! I love that thick layering of woolen jacket, always admire your talent. I can imagine the colors out there, in the carnival. And yay! A giveaway! Wish you a sunny week ahead, dear Martina! Hope your internet is restored soon. :)

  11. I'm totally gonna pretend she is me...If I could look so cool! :) Winter here is not that pretty :) But she makes me want to pep up my cool a bit!!!!

  12. A beautiful illustration of a winter fashionista. I live in leggings during the cold weather - so easy to layer with changes in temperature. A carnival season as winter draws to a close sounds like a wonderful way to lift one's spirits. Hope you are back online soon. Warm regards.

  13. Carnival month sounds wonderful Martina and just what we need her in England to brighten up our cold February days!
    I do love your sketch..very stylish indeed and perfect choices for our weather at the moment...roll on spring!!!
    Happy Thursday!
    Susan x

  14. Hello, dearest Martina! I love your illustration...it looks like an outfit I would wear!!
    And carnival month in Germany? How fun! I learned something new today! :)
    I'm so glad you are getting the technological repairs, I know that can be frustrating.
    Wishing you a splendid, blissful Valentine's Day!!
    Hugs and love to you,
    - Irina


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