Valentine Giveaway!

Happy Valentines lovelies!

You are special, you are sparkling and you are wonderful!
I'd like to celebrate this day with a special giveaway:

A colored portrait sketch of YOU!
If you win, i'll do your portrait and post it here. 
I'll also send you a high quality image of your sketch 
and a high quality print for you to frame if you want to.

To participate in this, you have to tell me, 
what helps you to feel SPARKLING?
Also, you have to follow my blog - or tell me, if you already do so.
You win 2 additional entries,
 if you post about this on your blog or on facebook -
and send me the link.

Am so looking forward to your entries and - don't forget to celebrate LOVE!
 The winner will be announced at the beginning of March here.

P.S: Loved this Russian fairytale outfit above - it's a style by Ulyana Sergeenko and i colord it due to my own inspiration. This is, what i'd wear on a carneval ball!

Drawing: Martine Voigt-Schmid


  1. Hi Martina,

    Loving the Russian fairytale look - this is fabulous.
    Such a generous gift to the lucky person that wins as your artwork is fabulous.
    Happy Valentines day

  2. MARTINA! WOW! I just got settled in for the evening and am barely getting to my FAVORITES and I am finding myself in a most magical place here! Please count me into this extraordinary giveaway, PLEASE! You know how I feel about your art, and this gorgeous portrait is so wonderful! What makes me feel sparkly? Well, wearing SPARKLING SHOES and a tulle skirt in gray with a black sweater! WOW this is fabulous! And thank you dear valentine, for coming to visit me! XOXOXO

  3. Hello dear Martina, Happy Valentine !
    Your sketches are always so beautiful, like yourself !
    I felt sparkling today because my love surprised me with a great card
    and yesterday I saw some blooming crocuses, spring is in the air !

    Love as always

  4. Happy Valentine's day, dear Martina! What a lovely giveaway you have hosted here, that would surely be one priceless gift to have - I am in! Though I would be somewhat shy to see myself featured here (even in a portrait ;)).

    What helps you to feel sparkling? A warm sparkling sunny smile always goes a great mile, never fails to do the job.

    I am already a follower of your blog. Also, sharing this on my FB page. Now all fingers crossed for March!

    Wish you a wonderful weekend, Martina!

  5. Happy Valentine's day doll!! So sweet, a beautiful giveaway. What helps me to feel sparkling...hmm...Love!! It's true, love not only from others, but most of for myself. Because if you can't love yourself, it's hard to accept love from others. So, when you love yourself, the love from others radiates through you and out of's the greatest way to sparkle of all :)) I of course already am your follower here :) I posted about it on facebook, though not sure if you will be able to see it as my page is private, but you might...if not you can add me if you wish :) Here is the link:

    Have a wonderful & lovely Valentine's day my dear...enjoy yourself!! xx

  6. Happy Valentine's Day sweet friend!! I hope this day is full of joy and lovely memory-making!
    Oh my generous and very kind of you, dear Martina!!! It would be such an honor to win one of your creations...and a custom one to boot!! :)
    And Ms.Sergeenko is always an inspiration...a beautiful illustration...
    What helps me feel sparkling is the love of my family and friends...and CREATING...always creating!
    Thank you so much for your visit, always brings a smile to me!! :)
    Much love to you,
    - Irina

  7. What a lovely drawing. Here in Sweden it's raining but you can feel spring in the air.


  8. sunshine makes me feel sparkling~ especially in the wintertime!

    i follow :)

  9. Hi Martina,
    there is always something interesting and "pretty" when I come to visit. People like you inspire me and make me sparkle!
    I follow your blog and I also posted about this giveaway on my fb page here.
    Thank you for this giveaway, I am crossing my fingers, lol


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