Morning treasures

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.
Emma Goldman

Some flowers in the morning sunlight - from my table to yours!
A lovely friend from Paris brought me these roses the other day, saying hat she thought, this shade of pink was exactly me - so sweet of her! 

Soft pink opens the heart and makes people more peaceful and gentle. In an actual experiment, hens were given pink glasses, that prevented them from fighting with each other - and it worked! I'm  putting my pink glasses on today and step out tp spread some love ;)

Have a fantastic start to your week dear ones, and don't forget to notice the little things 
that make you SPARKLE with delight!

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Photo: Martine Voigt-Schmid


  1. Oh Martina, these are THE FLOWERS! I will cherish them, always. I put them in my files! And how INTERESTING about the pink colored glasses! It is stunning how color does effect moods. I must REMEMBER to wear pink on stressful days!

    I was just wondering how your give-away was going. I know I joined because I'd love to win one of your portraits! Enjoy your day my friend and yes, SPARKLE ON!!!!!! Anita

  2. So fun to know that PINK is so magical!

    {and I am laughing at the picture in my mind of hens wearing pink glasses.....}

    Gorgeous roses! Sweet friend to bless you with them!
    ~ Violet

  3. I agree with your friend, Martina! You remind me of pink in so many ways! You are beautiful, inside out and always full of smiles and joy to spread around! Wish you a beautiful week, hope it sparkles all its magic on you!

    PS: Just a quick note, Martina.. I too have a new contest/giveaway running on my blog. Please do check it out whenever you can. :)

  4. Oh Martina, so pretty !

    Love as always

  5. So so flowers, especially in this weather, so gray!! These look perfect with the light coming in!! I hope your week is going well xx

  6. Your roses are the prettiest shade of pink lovely Martina...they look beautiful sitting in the soft morning sunlight!
    Happy Thursday,
    Susan x

  7. What a beautiful post, dear Martina! :)
    And I will take flowers over diamonds any day!! That color of roses is so lovely as you are indeed...
    I believe very strongly in the power of soft pink...I love pink quartz's LOVE energy, what can be better!?
    I wish you a most beautiful weekend, sweet friend...
    - Irina


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