Morning Coffee

A new portrait drawing, playing with color and textures. It was done after an old picture of Supermodel Kate Moss, who continues to rock the world of glam ads and fashion with her nonchaöante air and cool sense of style.

In truth, if i was a smoker, i'd probably be chain-smoking now, for i'm so frustrated and nervous, that my internet still doesn't work and i'm so out of my usual wye of communication. Not to think of the giveaway i started, and was then so not able to promote ...

But - let's be grateful for the little things, right? For the first signs of spring here in cold germany, for little flowers showing their colorful heads, for sunshine beaming into my window yesterday, for lovely friends visiting -  and for your patient support.

You can still enter my giveaway and win YOUR OWN PORTRAIT here. I'm delighted to read, what makes you sparkle - and send you some extra brightness for the rest of your week! 


  1. I hope the internet will get sorted out for you soon, I know it can be very frustrating on the nerves. Try and relax and enjoy your's almost the weekend :) xx

  2. Hi Martina, long time..Hope autumn is in. Must be getting some relief frm the cold biting winds. Nice to be here.Chitra

  3. Gorgeous art. Love that Jennifer Aniston quote. Sorry about your internet connection!

  4. Hi Martina,

    I am just drinking my morning coffee now while visiting you. Love your artwork.
    Happy weekend

  5. Oh Martina,
    How frustrating about your internet connection. Is there any hope in site? You sure are talented in all of your work. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  6. Hello, Martina! Beautiful artwork as always and I find this a bit in darker colors perhaps reflecting your mood?! ;) No worries, no internet is quite a peaceful time, enjoy it till it lasts. I am sure your internet will be alright very soon. :) Sending you sunny smiles all the way from India.

  7. each time I am visiting you I feel like immediately make myslef a cup of coffee or tea and just relax:) Have a good weekend!


    I am late in coming to visit you because we have had a major snow storm. Travel for me has been really bad, and this morning I have to shovel all the snow out of my parking area. This has truly been the worse winter in many years, and I am so glad to hear that Germany is seeing a little pop of spring!

    Martina, your art is FANTASTIC. I have a question to ask you have my email?

    This is a gorgeous piece and I am pinning it!

    I am so sorry to hear that your internet is still difficult to deal with. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! Anita

  9. Have a nice weekend Martina my love.....x !!

  10. I love your work Martina and this portrait is wonderful (such gorgeous colours too!)
    Did you see Kate Moss in David Bowie's iconic Ziggy outfit? ..x
    Happy Weekend!
    Susan x

  11. Good morning Martina dear!

    I just saw your blog comment and oh.....WE COULD GIVE YOU ALL SOME SNOW! We are buried waist-deep, but it is so beautiful!

    I just sent you an email to see if I got the address correctly....write me back when you can. LOVE! Anita

  12. sorry about your internet-that must be frustrating!
    love the textures in your art ~
    take care : )

  13. Oh Martina, don't let that bring you down ❤ I know it must be frustrating and I sure hope that it will be sorted out soon! xo M

  14. Hello Lovely One!
    What a delight to see what you've been coming up with!

    Hope your internet issues are solved soon, that can be so frustrating!

    ~ Violet

  15. Lovely friend! So good to see you come by my blog today! I can almost smell the yummy banana muffins you are baking !!!!!!!!! love to you dear one, Anita


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