a weekend in Paris ...

...would be just the ticket, non?

I, for my part am traveling by the means of art - using the magical powers of my sketchbook to take me, wherever i want to go. 

A new fashion sketch - a black & white story in the streets of Paris - just while i work on that portrait for Anita- hopefully over the weekend.

Do you have anything planned yet? I left it quite open, to have the space and possibility to work on my art a little - besides exploring the outdoors and looking for all these little signs of spring everywhere. This fresh, crisp green of the first leaves is one of my favorite colors in the world!

Have a fubtastic weekend ahead and see you all soon!.

Drawing: Martine Voigt-Schmid


  1. Wonderful drawing, so lovely. I wish I was in Paris, that would be great!! I hope you have a gorgeous weekend & some sunshine too xx

  2. Another lovey drawing Martina :) I hope for some sunshine and a nice walk this weekend. Have a good one!
    Jess xx

  3. Have a nice weekend darling...love Ria...x !

  4. Beautiful, I love your choice of colors! I am planing to start working on a new quilt. Have a great weekend Martina, xo, M.


    You are making me so excited! First of all, this sketch is fabulous.....the aqua background (YES YES YES) and the iconic black and whites, the sunglasses (a must in Paris for eye protection and style!) and that coat...the long legs...yes!

    I look forward to seeing what you have in store, but this sketch is just fantastic my friend! Enjoy your weekend! Anita

  6. Absolutely fabulous! It's so chic!
    Saturday I spent in gym, Sunday I hope to walk outside as much as possible
    have a nice week!

  7. Dear Martina, I love your latest fashion sketch...you have captured the atmosphere of Paris so perfectly and the colours are beautiful!
    I can also imagine just how excited Anita must be to see her sketch and I know you will create something very special..x
    Happy Sunday!
    Susan x

  8. Martina! HELLO! I am barely getting to my blog comments (that I love to read and respond to!) Oh dear, you're having internet problems again? I thank you so much for coming to try to leave a comment; you know, I did not see any other comments from you. I do know several people who have difficulties leaving a comment on my blog.

    I believe you received an email from the mag, right? We shall see what happens next. I am very excited!

    WE FINALLY HAD some melting yesterday, and spring seems to be keeping her promise..she is slow, be she will be here! Much love to you and wishes for a super day! Anita

  9. Right by our dear Anita here!
    Martina...how I love this illustration! Paris, fashion, and your talent make for a fantastic combination! So lovely... :)
    Wishing Spring for you, dear friend...
    - Irina

  10. Martina! HELLO! I just came home from work and saw your lovely comment! YIPPPEEE! I am very excited about learning even MORE about you through the interview process!

    Much love, Anita

  11. Martina! We are trying to forward a form to you via email but it keeps being sent back undeliverable. Let me know what other email we should use. MERCI MON AMIE! Anita

  12. Wow. I would love to see that sketchbook of yours. How lovely and cool way to travel, Martina! Sometimes, you really make me envious of your talent! ;)

  13. Good evening my friend! I am glad to know the connections went through in the internet! Thank you again for coming to visit and I look forward to the next stage in starting to write for you! XOXOXO

  14. I love these illustrations that you've been doing as of late! OH YAY!!! I'm so happy that Anita is going to be the recipient of your portrait. I can't wait to see it!!! Hope you are doing well.


  15. Thank you so much, dear Martina, for visiting! :) I know many of the quotes will resonate with artists in all genres, and I am glad you enjoyed that one...
    I am very excited about Anita's interview with you, as well!
    Have a marvelous weekend, beautiful friend....
    - Irina


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