Doggie Love

In der letzten Zeit habe ich an einer Serie von Hundeportraits  gearbeitet - und so meine Liebe zu Hunden wieder entdeckt. Seitdem ich von zu Hause ausgezogen bin, war ich mehr eine Katzenpersönlichkeit und ich vermisse immer noch die Katze, die und jahrelang begleitet hat.

Aber, da ich mich immer noch an den sehr störrischen, originellen und liebenswerten Langhaaardackel erinnere, der der Gefährte meiner Kindheit war, gehören auch Hunde zu mir und meinem Leben.
Sie zu zeichnen und zu malen macht mir großen Spaß und ich freue mich über jeden neuen Auftrag!

Dieser Labradoodle entstand in einer Mischung aus Handzeichnung und collagierten Hintergründen, die ich gemalt und dann im Computer zusammengefügt habe, in einer Art Collage-Technik.

Recently, i've worked on some dog portraits - and - doing this,  rediscovered my love for dogs!
When i was a kid and young adult, we had a dachshound, who was a very special character - maybe more about him in a separate post. But since i moved out and founded my own family, i found myself to be more of a cat person. 

I so LOVE cats and still miss ours, who died in 2012, but - drawing and painting dogs made me aware of how wonderful and special all those different breeds are - and of course the mixtures. Such a variety of personalities and furry beauty - it's really fascinating. So working on dogs portraits is wonderful and i enjoy it very much!

This Labardoodle is a mix of handmade drawn and painted backgrounds, that i put together and edited on the computer.


  1. Martina! HELLO! I am home sick and I'm barely getting on my computer. You are really showing your true colors here, by expanding your repertoire of talents! Thank you for sharing and surprising us with NEW and exciting art that honestly, I never knew you did! I love your free-feeling know how I feel about your art! And dog love? YES! YES! I agree, dogs are a wonderful companion and to study their beauty is so relaxing. Good job my friend! Anita

  2. ce portrait est magnifique qu'ils sont beaux nos animaux de compagnie
    Merci pour ce beau partage très talentueux

  3. Owww love that sweet from me !

  4. what a cute dog! love the layers : )

  5. Beautiful doodle, love it so much Martina! You are wonderful in whatever you work at, this labardoodle is simply so adorable! Sending lots of love from India, here's wishing you a wonderful warm week ahead! :)

  6. This is just so sweet, I love dogs!! Your work is always marvellous...I hope you have a great weekend with some sunshine doll xx

  7. Hi Martina,

    How really adorable your sweet dog painting is. We have friends that have a Labradoodle and he is such a neat dog.
    Happy weekend

  8. HI gorgeous...such a sweet soul..beautiful art! Your dachshound sounds very special!
    pets are truly special family that comes into our lives! I have loved and lost a few as well, but they are in my heart forever!Wonderful post!

  9. This dogie portrait is awesome Martina, you did a wonderful job!

  10. What a beautiful portrait of a dog! For most of my life, I’ve almost always had a dog. Dogs hold a special place in my heart.


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