3 Must Have Accessoiress for Spring!

1 Espandrilles: I love these shoes - and missed them in the past years, So great they have a grand revival this season - even Chanel picked up the trend!

2. Tiny Lady Bags: They are small, they are light, they are chic and they instantly make your outfit seem more "Together".

3. The Statement necklace: Just wear jeans and T-Shirt and revamp it with such a glam
piece - it asd SPARKLE to everything!

Who needs new clothes, when you can have these?
Have a bright and shiny monday flowers!

Photos via 1, 2, 3+4 Items on the last 2 pix by J.Crew


  1. These are wonderful to me :) Relaxing shoes, a lovely bag and statement necklace, gorgeous!! I hope you have a great week ahead Xx

  2. Lovely !! i saw it on fb yet....xxx !

  3. the statement necklace! This is it!

  4. love espadrilles-wore them all the time when we lived in europe and remind me of childhood summers :)

  5. My dear friend! I LOVE THOSE SHOES! I am a bit late; I am very sick with vertigo and can barely see the computer screen. Much love my friend, and thank you for always bringing us sunshine! Anita


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