Thank you with a wagging tail!

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.
Ben Williams

In der letzten Zeit habe ich viel an Designs für Stoffe gearbeitet und einige Hunde portraitiert. Das hat mich auf die Idee gebrach, diese beiden Dinge zusammen zu bringen und eine Serie mit verschiedenen Hunden vor ornamentalen Hintergründen zu machen. 

Es sind inzwischen ca. 12 von diesen Bildern entstanden, die ich als Kunstdrucke in limitierter Auflage anbieten will - die Serie heißt " Chouchoux du Monde" - was man mit Lieblinge der Welt übersetzen könnte ;) Hier kann man sie bestellen.

Macht Euch also darauf gefasst, in Kürze noch mehr "tierische" Kunstwerke hier zu finden! Ich wünsche Euch ein wunderbar entspanntes undn inspirierendes Frühlingswochenende - Ah, der Fliederduft in der Luft!

I've worked a lot on design ideas of fabric lately - and did some dog portraits. So i got the idea of bringing these 2 things together and creating a series of dogs in front of ornamental backgrounds. The series is called  Chouchoux du Monde"  and it's available as limited edition art prints - in case you need a little present for a dog lover - or yourself! You can order the prints here.

Another weekend os here. It looks damp and grey here today, but i love the smell of lilac in the air and the gardens around look so beautiful. Hope you'll have a relaxed and inspiring time to "freshen up your batteries" lovelies. Will come and visit you soon!

Zeichnung und artwork: Martine Voigt-Schmid


  1. I was just thinking of you dearest friend! And here you are, with your colorful and uplifting world. I LOVE THIS GUY! And the idea of playing with the two ideas, fabric design and dog art, what a great idea. I am enjoying my watercolor print so much, and also hoping to get your article done. I have been ill for a month now, slowing me down. But our spring is finally emerging, and I am enjoying even the gray days because it is so much warmer now!

    Have a lovely day. The sun is only BEHIND the clouds....

  2. Owww so sweet Martina !!...lovely Ria...x !

  3. these are so cute! i'd love to start designing fabric too~
    have a super weekend martina :)

  4. Sweet Martina! So good to see you this morning! Well, you just say the word, and we shall have our Skype visit! I am thrilled to know that this will be a possibility! I believe by the middle of May I must get the articles submitted. If it does not work out to Skype before then, I do have enough material to finish. We are going out later today; the weather is FANTASTIC! Big hugs to you dear one. Anita

  5. Hi Martina,

    So very sweet - love the dog portrait and the background is fabulous.
    Enjoy the lilac in the air and your weekend

  6. Good portrait Martina..
    Long time.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. very nice!
    spring is beatiful!

  8. I love this Martina...the little dog in front of the ornamental background is so lovely!
    Hope you've had a great weekend and have a happy week ahead!
    Susan x

  9. Great idea, Martina! I love dogs, and the quote you shared is just as lovely as your painting! Have fun with all the greens and inspiring freshness in your garden, it's getting hotter and humid with each passing day in my part of the world!

  10. Really beautiful doll, I like the idea as well. Ahhh...lilacs, love the smell of those, so beautiful. Enjoy. I hope you have a marvellous new week :) x

  11. It's lovely Martina, so original a design. It'll look amazing as fabric as well as a print! xx


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