Flower bomb

I must have flowers, always and always ...
This picture just captures the abundance and wonderful spirit of summer - and - since this last weekend held the solistice and summer has now officially started, i hope you all had a great start into this wonderful season! As luck would have it, my Birthday falls on to the summer solstice and this year we celebrated here with a family reunion and a party with friends in the evening, Grace to this, my house is now filled with flowers - and - back to the SPARKLING theme - that really makes me sparkle!
I wish you a great start - let's make the best of June! Which flower do you love best?

Photo: via tumblr


  1. Ahh...Happy Birthday wishes to you my dear, am glad you had a wonderful time. I do love the summer and I do love flowers...all over the place. It makes me smile. This picture is wonderful. I agree, there must always be flowers, always always!! I hope you have a gorgeous week my dear!! Xxx


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA! What a great time of year to celebrate so much! And this photo says it all. Though I am sneezing a lot due to the pollen, I wouldn't trade this lovely color and life for anything. I hope you continue to have a splendid celebration and this is one of my best summers because it is slow and very low-key.

    ENJOY MY dear and beautiful friend! Anita

  3. Happy birthday Martina I wish you a wonderful sparkle-filled time! This a great choice of a flower picture, so fun!
    Jess xx

  4. LOVE that photo!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Dear Woman!

    The Magic of Summer Days is Upon Us!!!!!!
    ~ Violet

  5. Loooooooooooove flowers !!! that's my life...evey day ....hahahahaha...love from me Ria...x !

  6. Oh that is such a beautiful photo, and it conveys what I FEEL about summer! Thank you dear friend for coming to visit! It's funny; as I was reading your comment and I came to the part where you mention POLLEN....I SNEEZED! YES! I am sneezing a lot these days, but that does not stop me from enjoying my garden in the morning when I water or tend to my plants. I then shower and get ready for the day to be in my porch with a great book, or go visit a friend. THIS IS A GREAT JUNE!

    Big hugs to you, dear and great friend!

  7. Happy Birthday dear Martina! I just love this photo... Such beautiful flowers..

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  9. Martina! And do you believe that I just sneezed, AGAIN, right after reading your comment! HOW FUNNY IS THAT! But I am enjoying so much of the season. The flowers, the bug repellent (because it allows me to get into my garden!) and my outside deck that is fixed up really nicely. Oh we had fun today! We went antiquing, ate great summer fruits and now I am home to enjoy your company. Thank you dear friend for coming by! BISOUS, Anita

  10. Hi Martina,

    Happy belated birthday dear friend and so glad that you could celebrate with your family and flowers.
    I love all flowers, especially roses, with a beautiful fragrance.
    Enjoy your Sunday

  11. Hello Martina my friend! So glad you came by and have joined the link party! I have put your name and link on my list! You are just a kind friend to join, and also good to know you enjoyed your time with your dear friend. Summer is special and we both I believe, are making the best of it! I am writing a poem at this moment, and out on my covered porch where I can enjoy the wind, the birdsong and the sound of the fountain, all bug-free!

    Have a splendid week my friend,and keep creating the art that you do! LOVE, Anita

  12. Dear Martina,
    Thank you for your visit and kind words about Abby.. Yes, I have thought of little stories, but not for this little one... I jot thoughts down, one day maybe I will put them all together..

    I have to tell you that I so enjoyed reading the article about you, written by our dear Anita...
    You are so multi- talented, and I truly enjoyed reading about you. You are a beautiful woman, inside and out..

  13. cette photo est magnifique, et très coloré...It's summer Time ...I love flowers..Happy birthday to you
    bisous tout plein et merci pour tes gentils passages sur mes pages


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