Monday Love: White Hot!

A new fashion portrait of my gorgeous artist friend Barbara von Enger,  who knows how to ad the WOW-factor to everything she's wearing.  When i last met her in town, she wore a little A-Line white dress under a bright red trench. along with beautiful red lips - and looked so fresh and cheerful. We visited our favorite Vintage-shop together and she found these earrings you see in the sketch - just perfect for summer! 
I wish you a bright and happy start to your week and to the lovely month of July!

Illustration Martine Voigt-Schmid


  1. And you have frozen this summer WOW factor in your amazingly executed painting of a gorgeous moment my dear friend! THE COLORS!!!!!! Oh Martina, you are so good! Truly, you capture a mood in your work that is not easy to do. Her skin against the white and red lips, the background! Fabulous my friend. This is a great way to start my Monday to inspire me to do better in my poetry. Because nothing great just happens; observation and hard practice makes the ordinary become WOW!

    Much love! Anita

  2. It's beautiful...she really does have wonderful style. Happy Monday, I hope the week is wonderful for you xx

  3. Wonderful portrait Martina, she's really got that amazing style to her, lovely!

  4. Wowwwww.....Enjoy summer Ria...x !

  5. That's a gorgeous portrait Martina! I love to be inspired by friends, you must have had lovely time together.
    Jess x

  6. Hi Martina,

    The portrait is fabulous and your friend sounds amazing. So glad that you were able to go to visit a Vintage shop with her.
    Happy weekend


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