Yes Monday!

Summer is ...
where girls go barefoot and their hearts are just as free as their toes!

A new portrait i did for a beautiful woman called Anna. Let's get into this tiny yellow car with her and take a ride along the Italian Riviera. We'll have espresso and biscotti in this tiny caf'e on the market place. Shop for some fruits and a new bikini in shady arcades, head over to the beach and walk along the shores, barefoot, before going for a swim in turquoise waters ... are you with me still?

Thanks for all  the wonderful comments i got on the Italian Riviera post last week, for all the new friends that showed up - i so enjoyed meeting you! Cheers to a FUNtastic week my lovelies - will come visit you soon! 


  1. Oh yes, I am in! And can't wait to jump in for a swim right now!! ;) That's a beautiful portrait as always Martina, Anna is so pretty! Have a wonderful week my friend!

  2. Good glory,'ve done it again! I LOVE your work, you know that, and when you put a lovely woman in a place like this, with yellow sunshine and cool blue, who can resist? BRAVO, you have done it again my friend. You are sensational! HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!!

  3. Happy Monday doll, this is marvellous :)) I love it!! Summertime bliss it is :)) I hope you have a perfect week xx

  4. This one is so nice. Anna looks very friendly: )

  5. Lovely !!!!...enjoy the week love Ria...x !

  6. Good morning dear friend. So lovely to see you this morning, and to open this page of sheer COLOR AND LOVE! Yes, I am enthusiastic about your work because it alone promotes happiness and such a love for what you do. It is hot and humid out your way? It is quite cool and dry here...ODD for us at this time of year! But we are enjoying a pot of tea on the deck as the wind whips through and makes us think we are at seaside! Oh, the imagination is a great thing to possess!


  7. Love your portrait! So fun and full of life!! Hope you're enjoying your summer Martina.

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  8. Hello Martina,
    I love Anna too. She is Summer... What summers should be. Take care Dear.
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  9. Martina! BONJOUR! How is your Thursday on this last day of JULY 2014 going for you dear friend? I simply can't believe the summer is winding down and that YOU are starting to organize ideas for the winter issue! Well, the first day of school for me is August 25 and I start my teacher meetings on August 18, so I must prepare myself for work mode again!

    My friend, I would be DELIGHTED and honored to be featured in your magazine! Now I have to tell you that Miss Moussie is not my character, but the creation of The Dutchess who is in The Netherlands. My RATS are Tea Rat and Rattus. Would they interest you in my theatre?

    Email me with any ideas for I am truly honored and would LOVE to do it! Looking forward to hearing your ideas! Much love, Anita

  10. Martina, such a great illustration, I love it. It reminds me of my tennis playing days. Lucky Anna to have such a lovely drawing!

    xo Mary Jo

  11. Hello dear Martine!
    Such a very lovely illustration of you.... Oh,my!!!
    So beautiful,dreamy:)
    Thank's a lot to coming by me,


  12. Liebe Martina,
    das ist ein wudnerschönes Bild! Das Auto sieht aus wie ein VW-Käfer ....mein allererstes Auto damals :O)
    Ich wünsch Dir einen schönen und glücklichen Tag!
    ♥ Allerliebste Grüße, Claudia ♥

  13. Ciao Martina!

    I am amazed at your creative talent! This painting is such fun and possesses a whimsical wonder! The commentary that accompanies it made me feel young and beautiful, for a moment, just like your pretty subject!

    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!



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