Holiday at the Italian Riviera

Italy is maybe my favorite country in Europe and i always look forward to having the first "Espresso" after crossing the border. I just love the musical language, the great treasures of  renaissance art and architecture, the simple but elegant cuisine, the fashion and the lively temperament of the people.
It's hard to say, what region of IItaly is most beautiful, because they all are. My brother and family are living in Rome, which i simply adore. But on our last visit, we went to Chiusanico in the provence of Imperia in Liguria, the northernmost part of the mediterranean, and fell in love with it too.

Olives and  Lemons fresh from the tree,  curved streets that climb up the hillside while offering magnificent views on the blue mediterranean, ancient medieval towns and castles to discover, lively beach villages with cafés and palm trees along the Promenade - the Italian Riviera and the Landscape called Liguria is what i now often dream of when i think about a perfect holiday. 

Wandering through the shady streets of Torria almost felt like time-travelling, and even though the town was so neat and romantic in every corner, it wasn't at all crowded. We caught glimpses of a mourning family, sitting in a little chapel,  saw a river running through it's stone carved bed right through the town, looked at roses climbing up the soft pink and yellow walls. ate wonderful pizza right out of the wood oven on the market place and bought beautifully wrapped sweets in a tiny store.

One day, we drove along the hills where the air was cool and misty and  the trees were covered in ivy. We saw a flock of goats climbing effortlessly up a very steep rock, visited a sanctuary to mother Mary tucked away in the woods, and took pictures of the "Castel vecchio" - the old castle, that proudly resides over this area.

Almost every afternoon, we spent in a little beach town called Varigotti, where a grand aunt of mine used to live after marrying the italian ambassador. Varigotti has the nicest little beach with only a few people and a great many pretty stones in all sizes and colors and it feels wonderful to walk barefoot along the shore .Hubby and i  love to lay on the beach for a few hours, soaking up the sun, listening to the waves - it's what never fails to recharge my batteries very quickly.

As for having a tiny mimi break in your day, make an espresso where ever you are and close your eyes ... can you hear the ocean? See more pictures of this trip here

This post is part of  Anitas Link Party. Go to her blog here and see many more posts about wonderful destinations in Europe.

Photos: Martine Voigt-Schmid


  1. Love your post for Anita's party ...i Will post monday for own special party......x!

  2. This looks really lovely, am glad you enjoy it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend my dear xx

  3. Dear, dear Martina,

    Thank you for this. I am enjoying all my visits as I have started early today, being hostess you know!

    You are speaking of a place I hold very dear to my heart. Ruben and I spent time on the Ligurian coast at Cinque Terre, where we discovered the people, the language, the LEMON TREES and olive groves that ran wild along the path we walked on to Monterosso....thank you for participating and leave up your post for a week 18-25 July so more people can enjoy it. What great colors we find in Italy, n'est-ce pas?

    My friend, you are special. HAVE FUN! Anita

  4. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photographs. We love Liguria and will be there in September.

  5. beautiful photos! i love italy too...thank you for the mini vacation : )

  6. Good morning!
    I'm in Tuscany thanks to you!
    Thanks to Anita today I can enjoy your pictures and this fantastic Link Party!.
    I love Tuscany, but even more your drawings and photos, you are so dear!

    I wish you a great weekend.
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  7. quel beau voyage j'ai fait en ta compagnie ma chère Martina, Anita doit être aux anges comme on dit chez nous en France.... It meens very HAPPY....
    Bisous tout plein

  8. That sounds like a beautiful place! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous too! Someday…I will go there! Thanks for sharing them and have a great weekend! Jen:)

  9. Oh Martina!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful impressions of Italy, in photos and prose.
    I could imagine walking these places with you!!!!


    ~ Violet

  10. Well written with vivid lively descriptions.

  11. Buongiorno Cara Martina!
    What a beautiful travel essay...and your photos are stunning! Italy is one my favorites as well...spactacular....
    Grazie, belllissima! :)
    Thank you also for visiting me, dear friend....I so appreciate light up my day!
    Have fun on the travels of our dear Anita's party!
    Love to you...
    - Irina

  12. Dear Martina,
    Gorgeous photos! The view from the hill top is breathtaking. Thank you for taking me along

  13. Dear Martina thank you for this adventure at The Italian Riviera, while I am exploring the city of Rome on our magical trip.

    The Arts by Karena
    Europe: Simply Irresistible !

  14. Thank you for taking me along on this fabulous journey. It would be heavenly to see the Italian Riviera. Exploring and taking in the beauty. I am coming over from Anita's blog, CCC.

  15. Off to down an ESPRESSO.........tis time.I cannot draw myself away from all these beautiful posts!I will stretch and re-group for my wonderful reading!I married a man from ROME and was married in FLORENCE.Please pop over to see me..........I hope you will leave a comment with CIAO BELLA attached"!YOU can take the CONTESSA out of ITALY but you cannot take ITALY out of the CONTESSA"UN BACIO.

  16. What a great set of photos, such a beautiful place. Stopping to say hello from the link party.

  17. sigh. How I long to return to Italy...thank you for this travelogue in the meantime.

  18. Dear Martina,

    Oh I loved hearing about your trip to Italy and seeing all your wonderful photographs.
    Can see why you love this place so much.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope you are having a great weekend

  19. Martina, you captured my imagination with this post. I love the thought of lying on the beach in Varigotti...some of the smaller beach towns in Italy are my favorite, so romantic, uncrowded and beautiful. I hope one day soon to return and drive along the Italian Riviera. So glad I found you via Anita; I am also part of her lovely party, hope you will stop by!
    xo Mary Jo

  20. Love your descriptions of Italy - I can almost smell the lemons and olives, and enjoy the drive in the hills and the barefoot walks on the beach!

  21. What a beautiful post about my favorite place in the world, Italy! Your brother is very lucky to live in Rome and you are lucky to visit Italy often. Thanks for my little escape to Italia today! xoxo

  22. Time traveling in Italy with an espresso..does it get any better than that??? Love your post and thank you for taking on this little trip.

  23. Martina!
    How lovely to be on "Holiday" with you!
    Ah...sweet Limoncello comes to mind...
    ...and...there is nothing like eating an olive in Italy!
    Your beautiful images and story have just set me off to make an espresso!

  24. Good morning Martina! How lovely to find your comment chez moi, and to come back here again for a breeze of Ligurian air scented with lemons....these colors are so YOU - vibrant and alive! I have had so much fun visiting everyone and once again today, I'm revisiting some of the most gorgeous places. Thank you again for participating in this link to other peoples' imaginations! Anita

  25. Oh Italy. There is something about it that just pulls people in the same way as France yet so different at the same time. Thank you for a lovely post.

  26. Ah! It looks wonderful Martina! We've been to Rome and I fell in love with Italy, I'd love to visit another place there one day. :) We're off to the English Riviera today, not quite as exotic but still very beautiful. Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday pics!
    Jess xx

  27. I left a comment last week but it seems that they are disappearing on Blogger blogs :(
    Your post is beautiful, Martina, and how lucky for you to spend time in Rome for such a special occasion. Thanks so much for sharing!

  28. Dear Martina,
    Thank you for your visit. I am so happy Bebe gave you a smile.

  29. Hello dear Martina!´

    Italy is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations!!!
    Great photos,I have very enjoyed here by you,
    Thankyou for takaing me together to a wonderful Italy:)))*

    Hugs from Holland,

  30. That looks beautiful,I love Italy,xx Rachel And Speedy

  31. Your images and words are just lovely, Martina! Italy holds such special charm for so many! Thank you so much for the nice getaway today! ♡Dawn

  32. Wonderful photos, and the quote is awesome, lovely post my friend!

  33. Good morning Martina! HELLO! I was just thinking of you yesterday and was hoping you enjoyed the link party! Thank you for coming by this morning even though you may be very busy!

    Our summer is almost over my friend. Each day is special but comes and goes much too quickly! I hope you are getting in more summer fun with friends and painting!!!

    Thank you again for this lovely post and for joining. Enjoy your Sunday! Anita

  34. Beautiful post Martina and your photographs are stunning!
    Wishing you a wonderful new week,
    Susan x


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