Painting Summer

I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.


Little garden painting catches the golden specs of the late afternoon sun - playing on the leaves, illuminating little things flying about in the air, enhancing the rich shadows beneath dark green leaves. Actually, when i was painting, i didn't think anything at all, but just let my hands and imagination play - while being outside - in the garden.
It's late summer here now with hazy mornings and sunny afternoons, mellow, sweet, like a ripe yellow apple or apricot. What do you like most about September?


  1. I like that it's still warm during the days as I am a summer person:)

  2. Brilliant Martina - I love how you describe your days there and the painting reflects all that you say. I like the fact that, in India, we get to see more of sunshine in September and less of the rains. :)

  3. What a gorgeous painting, love the colours. Summer is marvellous, just a shame it's leaving now xx

  4. OH THIS IS GOOD! Martina, the joy and freedom you have in your hands is inspiring. Somehow however, when I let my hands go with a paint brush, I don't get the same results as you do!!!!!!

    The colors here express late summer PERFECTLY with the muted yellows and pinks - and what do I like most about September? Though I love school, it's not going back that I love the most, but rather the EARLY MORNING when I awake to a bearable chill and bask in the silence before I go to work. That silence is broken with yet another silent show of a PINK and YELLOW SUNRISE. I just noticed last week around the first of September, how more pink the sunrise is.

    You captured my September perfectly. HUGS!

  5. Hi Martina,
    this Painting is AWSOME! I love it!
    Happy week to you,
    Love and hugs,

  6. Beautiful painting Martine from me Ria...x!

  7. How lovely! And so is the room! Hugs xo Karen

  8. Oh how I love this post, Martina! You truly captured the essence of late summer! And, I can't wait to see the ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now to run off to school, Anita

  9. September is one of my favorite months-the weather is finally cooling down yet not too cold ; )
    Beautiful painting Martina!

  10. September is the start of cooler evenings & family celebrations (birthday). The beginning of holidays that bring much joy to everyone....:) Your painting is gorgeous!! xoxo

  11. What I like best about September is the long shadows in the warm sunshine. :)
    Your painting is so beautiful. ♥
    Jess x

  12. Ooh, so lovely have captured the essence of late summer just perfectly!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend,
    Susan x


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