Color Transition: From Summer to Fall

Recently i was asked by Abbey Jones from Julep to take part in a blog challenge - to  help you transition from your favorite summer brights into some beautiful fall shades. Inspired by flamboyant dahlias i bought on the farmers market where i live, i chose to turn a bright scarlet red of summer into a warmer, slightly darker cardinal red - that goes nicely not only with classic black, but with all other colors that might inspire your fall wardrobe - from golden yellows over berry purples, soft browns and greens to misty grey.

This fall asks women to go easy and let their hair down, which is fine for me. Oversized sweaters, loose pants, comfy shoes are all on the  radar of fashion. To glam it up a notch, try an oversized Diva pair of shades and some extra delightful lip and nail color. 

The red and purple outfit shown here are by one of my have designers, Paul Smith.

Especially on weekends, i enjoy pampering myself a little more and paint my nails. mostly i use a bright statement color for my toenails, and a light pink, natural mother of pearl shade for my hands.  What is your favorite color, when it comes to your nails? 

Since i was also asked, ti challenge one of my blogfriends, to be part in this theme, i tag the lovely Kizzy - have fun doll!


  1. a nice challenge! I am still in white when it comes to clothes colors, the best time to start thinking to change:)

  2. Love these..reds and purples are my current favorites!must be the cooler weather ; )

  3. Hello Martina,
    Beautiful colors... Although I do not wear red often, I do think it looks beautiful on others.. I tend always to stay with earth tone colors and blues and white.. Maybe I should venture out...
    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  4. Wow, lovely colours!
    I love the autumn colours!
    Have a lovely week, Martina,
    Love and hugs and blessings,

  5. Love autumn flowers and colors......happy week love Ria...x!

  6. Wonderful Colors! I love red too it such beautiful color! But I'm not brave enough to wear it :) May be one of these days... We are heading to spring here! Happy Greetings, Martina!

  7. Hi Martina,

    You always pull together the coolest color photos and your paintings! I LOVE those dahlias. Gorgeous! We are still having warm temps the 80 degree Fahrenheit range. What about you? I so love this gorgeous time of year.

    Happy Fall!

  8. Good morning Martina!

    My friend, I am so late in visiting ALL my favorite blogs.....yesterday morning, I woke up much too late to engage in blogging. I had to run off to school immediately, but here I am today, enjoying your colorful and inspiring share. I finally was able to wear a sweater yesterday (a red one with gray!) and it felt so FALL and wonderful.

    How was Munich? Enjoying fall in Germany? I bet it is so beautiful!

    Sending you wishes for love, beauty and JOY! Anita

  9. Good evening dear Martina! WOW, what a busy life teaching in the high school is! I am home now, but sick with a sore throat! Running around too much under stress can do it to you!

    Thank you for coming to visit; good to hear Munich was fun! And you are almost done with the article!!! I am so thrilled to see it all done. Tell me, will it be in print in both German and English? As soon as it is done, tell me how I can get a copy.

    Take care my dear friend! Anita

  10. Hi Martina,
    Beautiful post! I have been favoring lilac on my toenails. When I wear that shade I always seem to get a nice comment about the color. I have been going bare on my hands usually. If I want to dress up I will wear a very light pink on them.
    Happy week to you! :) ...hugs..Gloria

  11. Hi Martina,
    I do love this color tip for fall - one of my favorite colors is deep red and I like the idea of pairing it with other rich colors. I do love to paint my nails with a soft rose color, with a deeper rose or coral for my toes. Isn't it fun to pamper ourselves? Wishing you a lovely weekend.
    Hugs xo

  12. This is wonderful :))) I love all these colours you chose as well. I will definitely do this, thank you for tagging me :))) I hope your week is going wonderful xx

  13. How lovely these colours are and the first photograph is so pretty! Thank you too for offering to include my dolls in your lovely magazine Martina...I am going to email you shortly x
    Susan x
    P.S Love your new profile pic...just beautiful!

  14. Hello dear Martina,
    Thank you so much for your encouraging words... Always such a joy to see you have come for a visit.. Wishing you a happy weekend.

  15. Good morning dear Martina!

    I am so sick at the moment; I have severe laryngitis that is turning into a respiratory infection, so I'm trying to rest this weekend before having to go into work...thank you so much for coming to visit me yesterday dear friend! Our autumn is getting brighter and more intense with colors every day, and it is a joy to watch! Enjoy your weekend and you work at home; it is really comfortable to even work in the nesting place of home. HUGS! Anita

  16. Dear Martina,

    Love all the bright colours - the dahlias are gorgeous. Paul Smith is a favourite designer of mine too, his colours are always great.
    Happy new week

  17. Good morning dear friend!

    I am still very sick (unable to speak) but I will be going in to work. Thank you for "hugging" me with your kind visit today! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend!!!!


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