Pink & Mustard

small painting of mine from my summer garden series. Played around with it a bit and put it in the pretty living room setting above. found on ELLE Decor. The soft shades of light pink, pearl grey and golden, mustardy yellow create a  delicate atmosphere and play in tune with the misty mornings and bright afternoons of october we have here. Hope your week is swinging along nicely - dare to dance to your own tune today!


  1. Hi Martina,
    those colours look beautiful together!
    Happy week to you,

  2. MARTINA! If I'm thinking correctly, this is SUCH a clever thing you did....the living room setting is gorgeous, but did you superimposed the image of your painting onto the photo of the room? How gorgeous are these color combinations, and again, I would have never thought of putting mustard and pink together! Now I have a desire to wear these colors together!

    I used to have quite a collection of clothing in mustard color and in olive green. I have long since given away those articles of clothing but I got my use out of them. I just loved that mustard color....but I really am going to look out for at least a scarf in that color and wear it with a pink sweater!

    Your art work is so beautiful, you know how I love it!

    Have a fabulous Tuesday dearest Martina!

  3. Darling! All that's missing is a pretty little dish of pink mustard. Keep the beauty coming and don't forget to dance The Hustle! xx

  4. Hi Martina,
    I love your color choices ... this painting is just beautiful! It seems to just "FIT" in this setting.
    I truly admire your talent.
    Wishing you a joyful week

  5. Lovely colors beautiful from me smile...!!😀...x!

  6. Your paintings are so beautiful. This one looks gorgeous in this lovely room. xx

  7. Very clever with this. I love the mood, it's very happy. Your paintings are always amazing xx

  8. original and surprisingly beatiful combination of colors!

  9. I love this post, beautiful colors and wonderful quote!

  10. Love the harmony of your artwork in that lovely pink and mustard room! Just beautiful! Hoping October has been good for you so far!

    xo Mary Jo

  11. A beautiful color combination and a lovely painting! Love the quote <3 Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Martina!
    xo Karen

  12. Martina my friend! HELLO! I just got home from being out and taking is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AUTUMN we have ever seen here and that makes 18 years since we moved here. It is warm, colorful, bright blue skies....and to hear that YOU TOO have had a wonderful and warm day on the terrace? Fantastic. Let's hope that winter will be gentle on the world!

    Thank you for coming by to visit. All is well, and I hope you are rested up and ready for the week. I am! XOXOX

  13. Hi Martina, such a beautiful painting..uplifting and gorgeous...I love the unique color combos..I have a deep love for mustard is such a wonderful and powerful color! Awesome quote...made me smile!
    Wishing you a beautiful rest of October and hope all is bright and sparkling in your world!

  14. Beautiful! Your painting is the perfect compliment to that room! Very lovely! Happy week to you! :)


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