Friday Chocolate Link Up


“Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.” 
 Joanne Harris, Chocolat

Have you ever tried making your own chocolate truffles? It's easy and complicated at the same time. Last sunday, i was hosting an "Art & Chocolate" event in my house  - to showcase my summer paintings, treat some old and new friends to an afternoon of sweetness and fun and to brighten November greys. I really did get my hands dirty 2 days in advance of this and experimented with new and better ways, to male scrumptious, velvety, deliciously chocolaty treasures.

This recipe here got me great results. It's  simple and easy to play and be creative with. BUT there's a warning: Grating chocolate, if you don't have a kitchen machine to do that for you, is an arduous job. Think about hiring an assistant or get your man to do it for you. The rest of the process is rather fun and brings you back to a childlike feeling - like when you were playing with play-dough or clay.

I like the very dark truffles best - they taste wonderful, if you love a touch of bitter, as i do, plus they give you all the health benefits of pure chocolate, and all the energy. They taste ..... very yummy, yet they're so rich that one makes you feel satisfied for the day.

If you're a chocolate lover and would like a special recipe or show pix of what you made - add your link to the list below. Can't wait to see your entry!


  1. Dear Martina,
    oh, those Chocolate Trüffels look so delicious! Sorry that I do not have any Chocolate Link for you ...
    Have a wonderful rest of the week and a very happy weekend!
    sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  2. Yammie.....put them in a box please have my adress ..?? Ria...x!

  3. Dear Martina,
    Ooooh! These truffles look so delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipes - your photos are so pretty! Thank you for hosting, too - I found a fun recipe to share.
    hugs xo

  4. Good evening dear Martina,
    Well, I just gained a pound looking at them! Oh yum.... I have never tried to make my own.. Probably because I know I would be tempted to eat them all..
    Thank you for this yummy post!

  5. Loooove chocolates, all kinds!! I make chocolates now and again. I would make marzipan ones for my father-in-law, but now he had to stop eating so much sugar, haha :)) But, chocolate is wonderful :))) I hope you have a great weekend xx


    I have been waiting for this wonderful post, and there it IS! How are you my dear? I am a bit late here, having had a long night last night at school with parent conferences. But to come to your chocolate post makes my heart happy. Did the event go well? What a great way to host a party....with chocolate and ART? YESSSSS!

    The holiday merry-making is upon us. I am thrilled. I have a week off next week from school for our Thanksgiving then in December, two fabulous weeks off for Christmas. I can't wait. But our winter is already proving to be one brutal event, so we have to keep warm!

    Sending you my fondest greetings for a great weekend! Anita

  7. Good morning my friend! It is Saturday morning, I am enjoying the quiet by my fireplace, and being here with YOU! Reading your comment gave me a boost this morning to get my festive mood in gear! It has not only been a brutally cold week, it's been very busy at school. I had a very late night on Thursday with conferences, making Friday very difficult to get through. But with the exception of two days of teacher meetings but no students, all of next week is a holiday. Thanksgiving in Thursday and I look forward to it!

    It sounds as if your chocolate art party went so well....a fire on the terrase, chocolate, hot soup, hot apple cider and PAINTINGS? YES YES YES! how I wish I could have been there!

    My friend, how is the magazine issue going? Will it be in English? Penny and I were just talking about it, and how can we get a copy?

    Let us know when it is available! Many hugs and thanks to you dearest Martina!

  8. we make some kind of chocolate most years-and have been known to make truffles, especially when we lived in france.i have no idea which recipe tho'.but they sure are delicious : )

  9. Oh how I love coming back here; I sudden have a craving for chocolate, but I will reserve that for tomorrow morning! Sweet friend, I just saw your comment on my now OLD post. I just posted again, and spent all day on it. It has been a gorgeous, foggy day because we had "warmer" temperatures today, melting the snow we had, so a glorious fog hovered over our world today. It was a perfect day for thinking and creating. So lovely to hear you too are enjoying a moody and marvelous early winter day and that the magazine is soon to come! I am looking forward to this and so wish I could just give you a hug for what you did. I bet it is marvelous.

    Well sweet friend, time for me to go make dinner. Much love to you! Anita

  10. Dear Martina,
    Thank you so much for wandering over and leaving such a kind comment for little Oliver.
    AND! You are going to send me a copy of the magazine? How very kind of you! You are a doll!! I am so excited.
    I would also like to order one in English when I can... Bless you...

  11. Dear, dear Martina!

    WOW, what a busy week so far; with Thanksgiving being on Thursday, we still had to work yesterday and TODAY! I am so late in coming back to thank you for your FRIENDSHIP that means the world to me...and thank you for coming to greet my silly TURKEY! hahahahahahha

    I shall eat my Thanksgiving meal with much gratitude for you and the other dear ladies who have made my creative life so rich. Many hugs to you dear one! Anita

  12. ton billet est gourmand à souhait...I Love so much chocolates!!! and your beautiful photos too
    thanks for sharing
    bisous de la France

  13. yummy! Wow..what a fun post/link up...very cool Martina..sounds fun! Wonderful pictures!
    Wishing you a beautiful day!

  14. Dear Martina,

    The chocolate Truffles look so delicious and thanks for sharing the recipe - will have to make some of these for Christmas.
    Happy Sunday


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