Blue Flame Painting

Happy new week lovelies, 
hope you keep your light shining, as we move into the dark season and days are getting shorter and shorter. Even though November is a bit gloomy and the lack of daylight can get people down, i like this months spirit. The misty "Fiametta" painting you see above was done in summer in the garden, but it also reminds me of a fire in winter, of morning and evening mist, of sundown and lights flickering in peoples houses or in the sky.

This weekend i will be hosting a little Art & Chocolate" event in our house and also in blogland.
Come back here on friday and link in to share your best chocolate recipe or a piece of art you've made or you simply adore. Can't wait to meet up and share the fun!


  1. Hello Martina,
    a wonderful painting the flame in the blue background ...fantastic!
    Have a lovely week,
    Love and hugs,,

  2. I love it, it's blue, my favourite and it makes me happy!! I love the red too, it really warms up the spirit, this is really wonderful Martina, one of my favourites of your paintings :))) I hope you have a happy week :) xx

  3. I must think About my mom....always burn a candle for her in our home.....lovely week Darling love Ria...!...x!

  4. Dear Martina,
    I really love this painting! Your choice of colors make this piece so special.. My eyes are drawn to vibrant orange that shines through the beautiful blues.

    I have been away from the computer, tending to Jasper... He is all recovered and doing well.. Now I am just trying to kick a nasty flu for the past week. I want to thank you for coming over to meet Violet and leaving such a sweet note.

  5. You have captured the wonderful qualities of fire-light, Martina! I am reminded of a candle in the rain with the beautiful ripples of blue. Lovely idea of hosting the chocolate and art event :) It sounds wonderful. Hugs xo Karen


    I am very late to this unveiling of this GORGEOUS painting...we had a major snow storm yesterday that made my evening commute back home very slow.

    I love how you created a shroud of dark and deep blue to wrap this flame. Your color choices to contrast not only the hues but the FEELINGS is such a great touch. I'd love a picture like this in my home!

    And I will be back for sure on Friday! Wishing you a magnificent day! (we have our first snow!)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous painting! You are very talented. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Hi Martina, I love your painting! It would be amazing for any time of the year for display. I just saw the chocolate and art-sharing comment. I wasn't prepared to share, but those are certainly two of my favorite things; and a great idea! :) Happy week to you, and thank you for your faithful visits to my blog! I appreciate that!

  9. Absolutely fabulous share Martina, I will try to remember Friday's date!


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