I'm a Bag Lady

Had some fun with a new sketch yesterday, one that i always wanted to do  -  a "What's in my handbag" one.

This little combo is, what i mostly have with me, when o go out these days:
A little light orange basket, kitted out with an even lighter fabric shopping bag and a small umbrella (it rains a LOT here).
And a handbag i found in my favorite shoestore BURRESI. The handbag is not big, but magically, all i want to put in fits in, even a light coat or cardi, all the while it still feels light on my arm. It consists of brown quilted fabric material and colorful leather parts,  and it helps to set a chic and playful accent to almost every outfit i have. In summer, it went well with white and brighter shades, in winter it adds some optimism and good mood to darker and neutral colors.

In the sketch, you see the things i carry in it:
- Some pens,
- a timer - handmade by a dear friend,
- my i-phone,
- my orange Hermès purse,
- my orange cell phone holder, filled with not my cell, but some make up items like a small Dr. Hauschka Handcreme, 2 lipsticks, on in a very soft, peachy pink, on in a darker, berry pink,
- D&G sunglasses.

When i'm in town, i always seem to walk a lot, so it's important, that my "luggage" is light and easy to carry. The basket is very practical in case i want to pick up some fruits or veggies on my way home, which i often do, and for additional purchases, the fabric bag comes in handy.

If you're a bag lady, like me, you might be interested to dwell a little in the Rue La La Style guide for handbags. Care tips, a history of handbags and lots of info about our fave accessoire - have fun!

Meanwhile, i hope your week is moving along nicely and swiftly, leaving you time to enjoy the colorful leaves outside.  See you soon for a hot cuppa something - and a little chat!


  1. looks like you have order in your bag, I must finally clean up mine:)

  2. Nice painting.
    i always have a mess in mine and end up carrying things for kids too : )

  3. Good morning WONDERFUL artist and friend! Martina, I am loving this sketch of your lovely handbag AND it's contents! Now this is so interesting to me.....since I'm no where near being a sketching artist, I would have never thought of drawing/painting such items, but YOU seem to be able to take just about anything and make it an instant HIT ....sunglasses, lipsticks, a tote....this is such a great piece that I could see it as an advertisement. Gorgeous colors of the season brightened up with a splash of bold color.

    Thank you so much for visiting me! I understand the time spent working out computer problems! It seems then that when you do get back on the computer, so much catching up is necessary! But thank you for coming by!

    OK my friend, off I go to another great day of teaching AND learning! HUGS SWEET ONE! Anita

  4. Hi Martina,
    what a georgeoous Sketch!
    That reminds me to get my Bag-Stuff into my new Bag ...the old one is falling to pieces .....soon ...:O)
    I always prefere Bags with many pockets in- and outside, so the Mess is not too bad ;O)
    Wishing you a wonderful novemeberweek,
    Love and hugs and blessings, my dear friend,
    Claudia xo

  5. I want one, too, please … of MY bag, or is that too scary? xx

  6. I love this sketch of yours Martina!! You are amazing. I also love handbags! I try to rotate handbags so I don't build up a bunch of junk that's unnecessary. LOL I love the colors you used in your artwork. Very soft and very real looking.

    Blessings to you and yours, Edie Marie & Marie Antoinette

  7. So wonderful...I love bags too. Such a great illustration...happy weekend xx

  8. Hello lovely and talented friend!
    A beautiful illustration, dear Martina! You know, I love seeing handbag contents, I don't know why.. :)
    It must be because I adore small leather goods and makeup...and I carry everything but the kitchen sink in my bag! ;)
    Thank you so very much for visiting me...it's always wonderful to see your messages. I have been getting back to blogging very slowly... we are down to one shared computer.

    Enjoy your weekend....stay warm and cozy!
    Much love,
    - Irina

  9. Ooh, I love your illustration dear Martina and I think the contents are definitely 'you' too :-)
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend...it's very dark here this morning!
    Susan x

  10. My dear Martina! GOOD MORNING from SNOWY Minnesota! YES, the snow started at 3:00AM and is supposed to continue until tomorrow at noon! So a lot of snow is expected!

    Thank you dear one for coming to visit me yesterday. It was a very lovely day spent with a friend here in my home, and we had such a lovely time. I LOVE the sound of your next idea with CHOCOLATE!!!!!! You know I will be here as soon as I can when you post!


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