Welcome to a new chapter ...

... and relax into Abundance! That's what came up, when i was pondering on a  motto for 2015.
Relax - and allow the year to unfold, as you also allow yourself to unfold and tune into what is already there: The richness of your inner being, the treasure of your experience!

I'm curious, as to what 2015 will bring for me - and for us. New challenges, new adventures, new beginnings. I personally feel a desiree to simplify. To do less. To trust more. Of course, as always, i see tons of things i'd like to do, bring on their way, finish or to go on with. And i'm sure that as always, i will be busy. But somehow i also see a change of energy - subtle, not easy to grasp for the mind - and it has to do with the motto above. 

I hope the New year will be healthy, happy, prosperous and wonderful for you dear friends. Stay tuned and see you soon!

Pictures 1 and 3 via Pinterest, 2 is a painting of mine from the "Little Garden" series