2 Kids

This is a sketch i just finished, of my gorgeous niece and nephew Emma and Jakob. 
They live in Munich and the drawing's supposed to be a present for their dad's birthday, which will be celebrated on saturday night. It's going to be a party in a club, with a wild 60ies theme - just thinking about what i'm going to wear ... Off to an early weekend flowers - time to let our hair down and dance!
Have you got anything planned yet?

Vibrant Blue

Colors are brighter when the mind is open. 

Happy start to your week lovelies! 

Am sending you LOVE and some fresh, bright blue with golden sparks, which is exactly what my soul is craving for tight now. These are 3 paintings i did last summer and they express that wonderful invigorating energy of the water element.  

I keep thinking how vital the deep blue oceans are - for the planet and for all of us - and of course for all the precious creatures living in it - now being so endangered. A kind of private "ocean awareness". I wish i could do more, to clean and heal that deep blue yonder, that carries the mystery of life.

The year started out with an exiting group exhibition along the theme of "Orange", where my art was shown alongside great artists i admire - like Picasso, Matisse and Baselitz. It was a show in a little museum not so far from us. The curator had the concept, of showing hobby artist, mid career professional artists like myself and famous artists, all united by one theme - isn't that a fun idea?

Right now, it is carnival season here in germany, and you see people dressed up in funny costumes everywhere. Due to various reasons haven't blogged in quite a while and i have missed you!
How did your year start? I can't wait to come visit you all!