Yellow shoes

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.

Hallo Ihr Lieben, nachdem ich letzte Woche die Gartensaison eröffnen wollte, hat sich der Frühling wieder versteckt - hinter weißen und grauen Schleiern! Blumen gibt es trotzdem - und ein Schuss Farbe bringt Energie in den Tag. Deshalb trage ich heute meine gelben Ballerinas und spiele mit gelber Farbe. Welche Farbe tut Dir heute gut?

Spring starts wearing a white, wet, foggy gown here and the days since the equinox have been hidden behind it. Am wearing yellow shoes and adding dabs and strokes of yellow and pink to my canvases, to bring back the sunshine. Colors are pure energy - and can be used to spike up your mood and spirit. Which color do you need, to put you in balance right now?


  1. Yellow sounds nice-we need some sunshine :)

  2. Oh, first of all, PICASSO was not only a painter, but a poet. He is right; an artist transforms something ordinary into the extraordinary. BRAVO! And your yellow shoes are a great way to get our springs in gear, even if spring still just exists in our dreams! And what color do I need to energize me? AQUA! I am looking for an aqua scarf to wear with a black dress to say, SPRING IS HERE INSIDE OF ME!

    Oh my friend, you always inspire!

  3. Oh no....I don't believe comment got eaten up!

  4. Agree perfectly with this quote...I do love yellow, it is wonderful. And the sun is getting stronger here, which is great as the wind is very cold still. Such a wonderful painting and sweet shoes too ;)) I hope there will be plenty of yellow for you this week :) xx

  5. Hi Martina,
    a wonderful Quote of Pablo Picasso! And your yellow shoes are lovely!
    I do not need a special colour to get the Springfeeling ...
    I see al the new life and the colours in the nature, this is my way to feel Springtime ;O)
    Have a wonderful week, my friend,
    sending Love and hugs
    Claudia xo

  6. You use yellow and pink so well in your paintings, such a sense of light and joy. :) We're having sunshine one minute then rain the next, the weather can't make its mind up. I love those pretty yellow shoes, they are sure to make the sun come out! The colour I'm being drawn to is turquoise and at the moment I'm using it in every painting I make!
    Jess xx

  7. Happy your yellow shoes......:-)))

  8. Love your shoes and your new profile picture. Yellow rocks! Happy spring Martina.....

  9. Ah! Yellow sounds fantastic Martina, I love it and I am sure your canvas must be dazzling in beauty right now! In Mumbai, its burning hot right now, how I wish I could have some white... snow may be :D me and my wishful thinking!

  10. Liebe Martina,
    es freut mich, dass du meinem Blog nun folgst. Ich bin übrigens schon länger ein stiller Leser bei dir, weil mich deine Bilder so begeistern. Und ich habe dich außerdem auch schon länger verlinkt.
    Viele liebe Grüße,

  11. No me extraña que sea feliz con su pintura en tonos rosas, pues el lienzo es una preciosidad.


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