Spring greetings from my studio!  I'm working on some new canvases and like always, when i start on a painting, let myself be guided by intuition and let my hands pick the colors, instead of consciously choosing them. Currently, i feel inspired by crystals, gemstones and ordinary stones. The shapes they have, formed by elements, the different structures, the light they emit and the light they catch and magnify.
Spring has officially started but there's a chill here in the air today - and i'm in a dreamy mood. A day for hot soup and tea and cozy reading time. What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. So good to hear that you are lighting up magic in your studio, Martina! I love the inspiration from gems and stones, they amplify anything that touches them. Wish you a wonderful weekend and the week ahead- can't wait to see how your canvas unfolds! :)

  2. I've been following my heart with colours this week and I find by doing this, they seem to flow from my brush so much easier! I love the 2 images you have in this post, the dreamy blue painting and the sweet pink palette, they're both so beautiful. This weekend I shall be relaxing and enjoying time with my family. Have a wonderful weekend Martina. :)
    Jess xx

  3. Hi Martina,

    So happy to hear that Spring is on its way there for you - loved seeing what you are up to in your studio.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend

  4. Have a great spring Martina and may your dreams spring to life in a cornucopia of colors and vibrancy. Have a great Sunday. I am having a heady cocktail. Cheers !

  5. Good morning dearest Martina! You have it right; all the necessary beginnings for either a painting or a poem are yielding to the emotions first; to try to paint or write from logic and structure FIRST is a mistake and always results in either a copy of something or an untrue reflection of one's self. This is why I love your art; your heart starts the strokes and with your keen eye and experience, taste and sensibilities, you leave only the essentials that speak your JOY. I am finding this out with my poetry and it is such a fun journey!

    I LOVE YOUR COLOR CHOICES HERE! The deep blues are as the sapphire. The white, like DIAMOND, my favorite of course and my birthstone! And like you my friend, our spring has started but with cooler temperatures and lots of tea. We are happy.

    Wishing you another fine day of peace and creativity! Anita

  6. Dear Martina,
    thank you for your Spring greetings! Sending lots of them abck to you!
    Happy nwe week,
    Love and hugs
    Claudia xo

  7. Wonderful...love Spring and can't wait to see how the new painting will turn out ;)) Have a great week my dear xx


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