Colors of Italy

The vibrant colors of Italy also contain a softer palette of muted pinks, oranges, grey, beiges and blues, that are wonderfully soothing to the eyes and to the mind. To me, almost every piece of wall i see, or carefully tiled and plastered ground i walk over, contains a painting, and i've photographed a lot of pretty details during our walks in ancient market towns and villages. Above pix were taken in a medieval city called Toirrano, where we also ate wonderful pasta ... more about this in the next post ;)
Hope you all  have a splendid weekend ahead

I'm summer, come, run along my beaches, loose your thoughts in my rays of sunshine, dive into my oceans ...

Dear friends, it's been a loooooong while since i last posted here - do you guess where i've been? It wasn't easy going beach life all the time, but somehow, summer took me on it's wings and carried me away. Making the long days seem short, giving me so much to do while at the same time making me .... not exactly lazy, but stretching my inner life out in various directions. These pix were taken during a trip to the Italian riviera, and i'm going to show you more of the colors of Italy here soon.
Hope you're having a splendid summer so far and send you a fresh ocean breeze!