Painting summer

I have been quite busy in my studio lately. trying to make the best out of summers expansive energy. The big canvas paintings i'm just about to finish capture the warm, yellow golden glow of sunshine in the garden, the play of light and shadow, the sense of things blooming and ripening, while we feel relaxed like the black cat, sunshine on her fur..
I hope you're all having a bright and wonderful start to the your week and enjoy the best of August!


  1. These are colors of mature summer! Lovely!

  2. There is sunshine, then there is sunshine in US. And you radiate such a beauty through your choice of colors dear friend. I was never one for color, not really knowing how to use it. But you and a handful of bloggers who really know how to highlight it have taught me much.

    This is glorious. Yellow has been my favorite summer color to enjoy and your paintings top it all off, before I head back to school inside dark and cold buildings, where the only sunshine are the laughs and learning moments for the students and myself.


  3. These are wonderful paintings...the colour is so perfect. Very needed today as it's just pouring here for me much for summer, ha!! I hope you have a great week :) x

  4. Hi Martina,
    those paintings are wonderful! Pretty summer colours!
    Have a great week,
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  5. I absolutely love the golden color of yellow and sunshine, my dear friend - you always immediately brighten up my day! Wish you a colorful August, full of cheer and love, Martina. Hugs! :))

  6. beautiful so full of summer,xx Rachel

  7. Hello dear Martina,
    This is a perfect example of summer beauty... I love the composition, the values of yellow, and the contrast of colors.. This is one of my favorite paintings that you have shared... Thank you so much for brightening my day!
    Wishing you a creative and relaxing August.

  8. Dearest Martina! HELLO! Thank you for coming by again to my blog! YES, any art whether it's poetry or painting, illustration or theatre arts, it all requires much work. Talent only takes a person so far, but daily dabbling in the art will render many results before you know it. And your work is evidence of years of love, struggle, experimentation, of JOY. HAPPY DAY, and I hope it cools down for you there! XOXOXOX

  9. Hallo Martina,
    so lasse ich mir den Sommer gefallen. In Natur ist er mir ja einen Tick zu heiß. Aber deine Bilder gefallen mir sehr gut.
    LG Ute

  10. what a beautiful...i love the colour!

  11. Good morning dearest Martina! Oh my, you hurt your toe? That is very painful! I broke my little toe many years ago and it hurt for about two years! But even that didn't stop me from barreling through my life!

    I am so happy to hear you have interested buyers for this painting of yours. Truly, your mix of colors opens up new windows of appreciation for me, finally seeing color as an enhancement and not as clutter as I used to! Lovely work, always my friend.

    Well, I start my school planning this week. Open house is on the 27th and the 31st is our first day back in the classroom with the kids. I shall take the memories of one of my best summers with me as long as I live. HUGS TO YOU ! Anita


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