Late summer colors

"Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and oh so mellow ..."

Orange berries are ripening on the bushes and our evenings are lit by fire and warmed by a blanket on the terasse. It really feels like late summer now - and this little painting i did recently catches the mood.

It is framed in a new kind of frame i was offered to test for our magazine and website KidsLife, and i like it very much. It allows to frame artwork on paper without putting a glass over the picture, something i have often wished for. A glass can look nice, but i often feel that it takes some warmth and vibrancy away from the painting, the feel and taste of something handmade.

These framed were developed to showcase kids-art. They have a slit on the top, and you can stack and store several pieces in them if you like. For me they are great because they allow me, to quickly show a client, how a painting on paper appears when framed, Plus the rounded corners look so cool.
The frames are called Articulate Gallery - get more informations here.


  1. Dear Martina,
    this new painting in this plain frmae looks georgeous! Wonderful Indian-Summer-Colours!
    Wishing you a happy and wonderful weekend,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia ♥

  2. hello dear Martina.This is a wonderful painting.The colors are deep rich and eye catching. The painting is so vibrant ! Have a Scintillating Saturday and a Stupendous Sunday. Best wishes Ram

  3. BeaUitvul colors from me happy colorful weekend.....x

  4. No matter what the season Martina, your color combinations are OH SO RIGHT! Let us go into September, together with ideas and courage to make them REAL! HUGS MY FRIEND!

  5. Dear Martina,
    Claudia is so right... What beautiful Indian-Summer-Colors!
    I think this frame was a great idea.. And yes, I agree with you about no glass at times.

  6. Good morning Martina! Soooooo good to see you here this morning! Thank you for coming by last night. Yes, we are busy and school has started, but the weather is still saying SUMMER! It is currently raining, but it is very warm, and I do think that for the next month, we'll be transitioning to cooler but bearable temperatures. No matter what however, we will capture the light and colors of our seasons, and celebrate them. Sending you a hug! Anita

  7. So beautifully exquisite, Martina! Always love the vibrancy in the colors you splash all over, you sprinkle a lot of sunshine no matter which season!! Love and greetings from India! :)

  8. These are wonderful and perfect my dear...Happy new week :) x

  9. Dearest Martina! HELLO! Thank you for coming by my blog today! Yes, school is keeping me very busy and there is simply no time to relax, except for this MOMENT now! How is your toe?????

    Is the weather good out your way? No more excessive heat? We had a perfect summer, but the last few days were rather humid. But it's gorgeous now, and fall is just around the corner! Much love to you dear and wonderful Martina! Anita


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