Sour and sweet

Sour and sweet is the taste of life

Some street art from Italy - just impressions i caught, while walking the little streets of the ancient town called Albenga, situated at the Ligurian coast.  The combination of zesty yellow, sweet pink and mellow grey is something i want to use in one of the next paintings. Yellow and pink is my happy combination, and the grey and creamy white ads a touch of softness to the mix.
It's grey outside here and soft rain is falling. Am preparing for a weekend visit by two close friends of mine, and look forward to an exciting film-premiere on sunday, featuring the work of some people very dear to me -more about it in the next post!

Looking at those lemons, i'm thinking about making lemon spaghetti for lunch today, so easy and delicious! Find the recipe here!


  1. Have a Nice Ria x

  2. A wonderful post, dear Martina!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    filled with joy, love and blessings!
    Claudia xo

  3. Lemon spaghetti? I must look into this recipe my friend! That sounds so good! And these colors or lemon yellow, pink lemonade and sky grey are truly beautiful no matter the season. I can see you using these colors BEAUTIFULLY in a painting. How are you? Much love to you dear friend!

  4. I love your yellows and pinks, they fill me with sunshine! I'm intrigued by the lemon spaghetti recipe, I love all things lemon flavoured so I should definitely give this one a try. Have a wonderful weekend Martina!xx

  5. A riot of bright colors to contrast with a dull grey !

  6. Hello dear Martina!
    It is wonderful to be back in your magical world of love and color again!
    Sounds like you have a fun weekend coming up, enjoy, sweet friend...
    Lemon pasta is one of my favorite meals...Buon Appetito! These photos are gorgeous...
    ~ Irina

  7. I love street art and you captured it beautifully, Martina! I love the colors yellow and pink too; can't wait to see them in your next painting!!! Wish you a great lovely time! :)

  8. So lovely...Happy week to you doll x


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