Creative Mix

Love these words by steve Jobs - so true!
Lots of things are going on in my inner and outer life now, just like in these little paperworks here!
Will tell you more about everything that happens soon and wish you some fabulous days ahead.
Remember: Creativity can be applied to all matters - and life stays fresh if you look at old things in a new way!

A fresh start

I love fresh starts like birthdays and new years, but I also love the idea that we can get up every morning and start over.

A new year, a new cycle, full of possibilities, like a white, fresh canvas ... isn't it exciting?
We had a very busy and social time around christmas and now, January seems to start kind of slowly, quietly. I am in preparation mode, still pondering about all the things i want to do. Paintings, courses, designs, a book? I believe that, when we nourish our roots, juices will rise in time, and plants will start to grow. A recent painting that fits the mood of the moment, inspired by a beautiful rose quartz i have on my desk, and and the element of water. 
Hope you're having a gentle, easy and positive start to your january and look forward to visit you soon!